Monday, May 18, 2009


I came home from my walk this morning to a package on the doorstep. I couldn't for the life of me remember what I ordered. Buttons and trim from M and J Trim. When you order online you always take a bit of a risk; will it look like the picture, be the right color etc. I love them. They are bone with brass trim and they aren't as varied as the photo looks. The only question I have is, will they look ok on the epaulets for my linen jacket? The fronts, the pockets yes but the epaulets, I don't know. They are sitting on the tan linen for the Burda jacket.

Sewing? Less than I had planned because of the dust issue! I came home from a Costco run on Saturday to a house filled with dust from Seth's spackle fest, no sewing could be done until he finished sanding. He decided that he didn't like how the the paint looked in the back hall, that the lines of spackle showed as shinier lines in the eggshell finish paint. He decided that a skim coat of spackle would be just the thing. He is not a plasterer and spackle isn't plaster. It all needed sanding. We live in a house where the only doors are on the bedrooms and baths. My sewing room and studio were covered in spackle dust. So, instead of sewing I dusted, swiffered and then did it again. I went to sit down in the upstairs sitting room, and when I moved a pillow it was 4 shades darker under it. I wiped down my computer monitor at least 4 times. It took hours for all the dust to finally settle! We have two more wall, fortunately the windows and doors and the fireplace take up a lot of wall space.
Sorry about the rant, but it was really bad. My black pants which were out, were gray on the exposed side.
This is what remains to paint. Of course this doesn't include up the stairs, or the ceiling or the loft. It is all connected so you will see a division between old and new unless the entire loft is painted too. Saturday we move the furniture to the other side of the room. Except the coffee table which has a thick glass top and must weight 200 lbs.

There has actually been some sewing going on. I am almost finished with the pants, but in all the extra alterations I made for fit, they are too short. I headed over to Jo Ann's to pick up hem facing. Here are some detail shots.
Here are my single welt pockets before removing the basting. I made 2 samples before I made these. The sample was perfect. Not so the finished welt. This is so irritating as it happens to me all the time. Perfect sample, and not so perfect in the real thing.
I usually finish with serging, and the seams and crotch are finished that way, but the fly, pocket lining and waist facing are bound. There was a fly facing, but I hated it and took it out. Even lined it was too bulky for my taste, or my stomach!

Today I have work and an appointment with a prospective client in early evening, so no sewing today. I am seriously doubting whether or not I will finish in time to enter the wardrobe contest. Ah, well spring, even in these bad economic times is really too busy for me to enter contests.


  1. Awww the dust. Nicky must be going crazy! It's been so bad in Korea, pollution wise. The sky was just a thick haze of smog all day yesterday. (Thus the lack of phone calls, imagine the state of my vocal chords on days like that.) The buttons are pretty rad though.

  2. Nancy I really like those buttons! I think they would look terrific on the epaulets, just choose a pair that is as similar as possible in color and pattern. Maybe the two that are at "12 o'clock" and "6 o'clock" ; they have about the same dispersion of brown spots.

  3. Drywall dust--yes, I have lived through it. 3 times, in fact. You will have a gorgeous home when it's done.

  4. What beautiful buttons...I can't resist beautiful buttons. And construction dust....I would be in the nuthouse by now! Can you seal room off? Although not sure that would help. Construction dust is the worst.

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  6. Sorry Fred, I'm buying a house and have dibs on Seth's (spare)home improvement services for the near future (he is my dad after all)! :)

    Poor old doggie!

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