Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What I'm Working On

Playing with my new camera for one thing.  My old camera died a few months ago and I've been looking around for what to buy. I had already decided on a Canon Powershot S90 when the review in the Times clinched it.  It had pretty much everything on my want list.  It has a fast lens at f2 at 28 mm and it has a moderate telephoto at 105mm to satisfy my portrait needs.  I had an S60 which I loved, so it wasn't hard to convince me that this was the camera.  It's small!  That was the hardest thing to get used to.  At about 7oz with battery and card, it is easy to cart around and doesn't bother my neck. So far, I've just played and taken shots of Mr Nicky to send to Alex in Korea.  Now at 17 and a half, Mr Nicky doesn't do too much, so they all pretty much look alike, but Alex is thrilled to get photos of him no matter what.

I am preparing to sew, as they say.  I loved Sigrid's post on production sewing but it takes a lot of time to get even 3 new patterns prepped.  I have the green Burda twist top from my Wardrobe cut out.  I am in the midst of cutting out Hot Pattern Riviera cardigan in a black and white sweater knit with black wool knit trim.  The next up for cutting  is my tnt t shirt in a green wool blend sweater knit for Emmaonesock. I also altered the Burda side gather t that Sigrid made and I haven't decided what to sew it in.  I have some red rayon jersey that might work.  Then I'll cut  the  tunic knockoff with the nailheads.  I altered my tnt t shirt, V8151, laid out the nailheads on the pattern, and whoops I am short a bag.   I ordered two just in case and to play with. I'll cut that out last while I wait for them to come.
I also want to cut out the gray wool and silk pants from the wardrobe plan.  None of it is very complicated sewing, so I hope that I'll finish and not have ufo's left at the end of winter! I do have the silk blouse from my plan cut, so I could sew that too.  We'll see what I sew first.


  1. Sounds like you have a well thought out plan.I somewhat do a plan too,but sometimes because of time issues my well intended ideas just don't leave my head :)))))
    Pets are great to photogragh when getting used to a new camera. They really don't mind.

  2. Do not underestimate the power of those pictures missy! They totally make my day! ...Also I subject every kid who visits my office to looking at like 10 of them. They coo along appropriately. :-D

  3. WIth all your plans and something cut and others prepared: hope you can find some time and fancy some actual sewing. Then you can play with your camera to show us pictures.

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  5. For years we have used a Canon G7 for our underwater photography, but finally upgraded to the DSLR's (which we love), but I have cabbaged onto the G7 for my studio photography and even though Canon has upgraded it twice (I think G10 is not the latest edition), I love it. You will love your Canon and can't wait to see all the pictures.....where are the pictures!!!