Friday, January 27, 2012

What's with Burda Style These Days?

I procrastinated on renewing my Burda subscription because there were just too many issues in 2011 that I hadn't made or even wanted to make, one thing from.  I finally gave in and renewed in time to get the January issue.  Is there even one thing in that issue that I want to make?  No, not happening.  February arrived and it's just as bad.  The smaller sizes are either tight and very young or they are shapeless and unflattering to anyone more than a size 36 without curves.  The plus sizes are even worse.  They are oversized and shapeless and  have weird design lines like this one:
What were they thinking with this one?  It's hard to see on the  not very plus size model, but it isn't very flattering, maybe that's why they photographed from far away.  I certainly can't imagine it on my curvy, narrow shouldered,  DD cup body.  Unless I want to add 20lbs visually.  
How about this lovely top?   Again, it's shapeless and just not flattering to most of us.  

 This plus sized cliche?  It's just too voluminous to be flattering and there are versions everywhere.

This isn't plus sized, but it's just as voluminous and unflattering, even on this skinny model.  
That was a sampling of January.  February arrived last week and honestly, there is very little in this one to love either.  The styling is better than the designs.  When I  really look at them there is little there for me.  I always ask myself if a design will not only work for my body but for my life style.  You of course may think other wise.  I can't wear pleated, narrow hemmed pants.  Talk about unflattering.  The tops are mostly oversized again and that just doesn't work for my body.  
Love the styling here, but the jacket just won't work on me.  
A basic jacket that is interesting with the front extensions, but again, not really for my body.  But, it's really not all that interesting or different.  They seem to be recycling a lot of basics and not changing them very much.  
I love this look, but again it just isn't suited for my body.  Depending on your body type you may well find plenty to like in this issue.  It's just not for me.

I found the maternity section to actually be the most wearable of anything in the magazine.  So if you are pregnant, this is a good issue for you. 
The plus section is wedding this month.  I am a little old for this, but I can't see many women in their 20's and 30's wanting to look like this at their wedding.

Nightgown anyone?  I do believe it's supposed to be a wedding dress.
If you have girls making communion or being flower girls or junior bridesmaids, this issue is for you.  There are some of the nicest children's dresses I've seen in a while.

As I get older I am finding it harder and harder to find patterns that will work for me and my lifestyle.  I'm glad I didn't take a whole year.  I'll miss Burda, or rather the old Burda, but it's an expensive purchase if I don't end up using any of the patterns.


  1. I agree this is a pretty sad selection. I too find it a little difficult to find designs that are suitable. Lots for teens or matrons but that leaves a lot of middle ground.

  2. I stopped my sub a year or so ago and haven't really missed it. I refer back to my older issues and find that they are much more suited to what I'm looking for in a garment that fits with my needs.

  3. Can't agree more... I stopped buying Burda, my last issue is from September last year. I enjoy looking through the old issues from 80s-90s, nowadays it definitely misses Anne Burda's feminine touch.

  4. Yes, I have to agree that big tent-like sacks don't do anyone any favours!
    Thinking about patterns generally, I was waiting and waiting for the new Vogues. Now that I have seen them, nothing really catches my eye. So maybe it's me? Maybe I am just grumpy and hard to please? On the other hand, sometimes it takes me a while to appreciate new patterns. I might like them better in a month or so.

  5. I let Burda go last year and really haven't missed it. This February issue was the only one I've called GLP for and that's because I want to see the pattern pieces for the color blocked dress that Audrey (Sew Tawdry) just made. Will I reinvent the wheel? No, I will cart out my TNT pattern to get the dress I want in my size but NO not missing Burda at all!

    Actually lately I'm starting to feel very grateful for my TNT patterns and the patterns I've already stashed since the goal for me is to have fashionable yet wearable clothing and I think I can get that from my present collection.

    Sadly, it seems the more disposable dollars I have the less I want to share them with the pattern companies.

  6. There is nothing in BurdaStyle magazine for me, either.
    I gave up my subscription when they started putting too many patterns on one paper. The designs are not worth the effort.

    Good thing I have some TNT patterns now, although I do get tired of having to draft my own frankenpatterns.

  7. I run hot and cold with BurdaStyle. On the one hand, there are lots of patterns I turn my nose up at (anything sack-like). BUT on the other hand, every pattern I've made has been a real winner for me and fit MUCH better than the Big 4. SO, the way I am choosing to look at it is, as long as I'm liking the same proportion of patterns as I like every time the big 4 put out their latest season, I will continue to subscribe. Because, honestly, I don't like all or even most Big 4 patterns either. I only buy what I really like and want to make.

  8. You know I'm one of Burda's biggest fans, but it hasn't been easy. Every once in a while, though, I find pieces that I really love.

  9. Amen.
    I am done with my subscription.
    If I want to find something I will go to my old copies.
    Now don't get me started on the Vogues just released yesterday........yikes.......

  10. Wow... Those are some truly yawn-worthy offerings... I liked one issue last year, but I tend to pick it up at the newsagent and flip through quickly. If something catches my eye, it comes home with me...

    But like I said, not since early last year. Seems a shame.

    With the matronly wedding dress, perhaps they're appealing to those with conservative tastes? It's a niche I suppose... But then it seems an odd choice for burda...

  11. I never subscribed to Burda. There are so many other patterns available. We ladies of a certain age do have limited choices in patterns. But, the choices in RTW are just as bad, if not worse, unless you shop very expensive high-end.

  12. You know I've been finding Knipmode a lot more creative and fun. There are at least 3 patterns in the Jan & 3 more in the Feb issues that I would love to make up right now. But I probably won't discontinue my Burda. I get the sense there are some business "issues", "problems", "rearrangements" or whatever as it looks like they are trying to save $$$, and in so doing are driving away so much of their meat-and-potatoes core audience/subscribers, but they didn''t ask me!

  13. Does anyone know where to buy older issues of Burda magazine? like , maybe from 80's or early 90's? I still have some older issues and ill take them over new ones any time. It's so sad and dissapointing, but it seems like since then magazine became so "blah"! Burda magazine played a huge role in developing of my fashion and style sense, it used to be so colourful, so rich in pattern and project varieties! Every issue was highly anticipated and it never dissapointed me. It will really take someone as talented and dedicated as Anne Burda herself to give this magazine a "second wind".

    1. Hi there, I think you will have to go through ebay or so to sell or buy old magazines.

  14. Well, I like the spirit of Burda Style

  15. Etsy often has back issues of creative type magazine, like Burda.