Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gray, The Big Trend for Fall

 WSJ September issue via Keep It Chic

According to Keep it Chic gray felt and knits are the way to go this fall.  Considering that I have three pieces of gray wool flannel and worsted, a gorgeous gray and black double sided cashmere knit, a couple of beautiful gray rayon knits and two gray bottom weight cottons  in my stash I am off to a good start.  
I've been wearing a lot of gray since I let my hair go natural.  I like how it sets off my silver hair. 
I also have a gray and black herringbone coating in my stash that I am planning on sewing up this fall.  My color palette has narrowed over the last few years, but I like gray, black and white and it certainly makes it easy to get dressed.  Occasionally I buy fabric in a different color and it sits there in my stash never sewn.  

On a different note, take a good look at the welt breast pocket in the top photo.  I would assume that this is a very expensive coat where you'd expect all the details to be perfectly sewn. The left side of this pocket is sewn properly;  on the right side the welts overlap.  A definite no no.

I do have a new outfit to photograph and post.  Hopefully I'll get it up this weekend.


  1. It's fairly difficult to see in the photo, but when I look closely at the pocket welt, it looks like a design feature to me. The upper welt covers the lower welt at the armscye end and the lower welt covers the upper welt at the centre front end. I could be making this up totally but now I want to try it and see if it actually looks good or looks like a mistake and 40 miles of bad sewing.

  2. I popped in from my RSS feed to say the same thing. I think the lower welt covers the top on the left side. Interesting design that I'd never have the nerve to try.

  3. Well good, because I LOVE all things gray, especially heathered. :-)