Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Sewing

If you are wondering where my finished cardigan jacket is, well it's in the UFO pile. It is just too warm to wear it now and I want to get to my spring sewing. I ran into a problem with the hem. It looked fine before I attached the facings and hemmed it. I felt that I needed a decent weight of interfacing for the lapels and collar. But, really I should have known better than use the same interfacing for the hem. The nice drape disappeared and it belled out ridiculously. I need to take it in at least 4 " or cut a new hem facing and interface with a lighter interfacing. I do have enough material to do that, so I'll figure it out in the fall, when I can actually wear it.

Meanwhile, I am planning to enter the Pattern Review mini wardrobe contest. I love the added twist of adding something from my wardrobe that has to match two of the pieces and make a total of 6 outfits. I am planning a tan, black and white wardrobe.
Tan linen jacket, BWOF 102 2/2009

Black linen pants from my Hot Patterns Razer tnt pattern
Black silk jersey t shirt with lace sleeves. Something to use leftovers for! It is really a black mesh with cotton cutout flowers sewn on it in a crazy quilt kind of pattern. It's from a skirt I made several years ago. This is from my V8151 Sandra Betzina tnt t shirt.
White cotton lycra knit t shirt with the great trim Trudy showed on You Tube.

From my wardrobe a pair of off white linen, cotton lycra trousers I made for my Florida trip. The fabric is lovely, and from the now defunct Timmel fabrics. Of course, these are from my tnt pattern. By now these pants don't really resemble the original pattern. I haven't reviewed these, but I'll take a picture and post it when I get a chance. The only pattern I need to adjust is the jacket pattern. I have it almost all traced out and altered. I like to make my lining pattern out of the altered pattern pieces even when a pattern includes lining pieces. It is much easier than redoing the alterations I have to make and less of a chance of neglecting to make one. Of course Burda seldom includes a lining pattern, and this one is no exception.
I doubt that this will be a winning wardrobe but it will be wearable for my lifestyle and doable in the month available for the contest.


  1. You have a good plan outlined. Good luck with the contest!

  2. Great patterns/plan. Good Luck in the wardrobe contest!

  3. I love your choices, Nancy. Good luck!

  4. This will be a very useful contest. I like your plans.

  5. Guh, I desperately need to go spring shopping. I'm jealous of your wardrobe plans. I have no idea what to pick out that is versatile, 6 year old friendly and sturdy as hell (ie 6 year old compatible). I'm so sick of polo shirts and jeans! How is it that you are always so stylish?!

  6. She is so stylish because it's her favorite hobby!!!

  7. I dunno Nancy, it sure sounds like a winning combo to me! I really like that Burda jacket.

  8. Good plan, I love the jacket (you know that) and it will be beautiful in tan. Good luck in the contest.