Friday, July 31, 2009

New Patterns

I just bought a few of the new Vogues when the sale was on, and now I've bought 2 of the new Hot Patterns. Like there is a dearth of patterns in my studio! I couldn't resist this new top pattern. It's like the Rick Owens top we had a big thread about on PR a few months ago its also reminiscent of the new Donna Karan tops, though probably more like Rick. While I love draped v necks, this one may be a bit too cowl and too much drape for my bust, but I'll try it and see. I'm sure that I can find a knit in my stash, ahem, collection that will work.
The one on the upper right is the one that's like the Rick Owens.
I also bought this pair of pants. I don't like straight elastic waist pants because with a big difference between my waist and hips (though not as much as it used to be!) there is usually too much fabric at my hip. But this has a fly front and drawstring so I can control the amount of fabric and still get them on. It's an easy pant that I may use for an exercise pant.
While I'm talking patterns, these are the ones I bought from Vogue.
This is Vogue 1125.
Marcy Tilton V8598
I like the shoulder princess of this blouse. I have found an fba easier to do on the shoulder princess, and I can much more easily narrow my shoulders with this cut. I was practical in my choices. I am not going to make any of those wonderful sheath dresses; I just don't have enough places to wear them. Can you imagine me sitting at my drafting table or out in the field in these? Even going out to a nice restaurant is so casual around here. If I lived in a city I would love to make more serious clothing. Kind of boring, huh? I just don't have the body for trendy clothing, which I love. Oh, and I bought the August issue of Knipmode. I passed on Patrones. The July issue is full of bikinis and summer clothing.
I still haven't forgotten my motorcycle jacket. I have the Burda pattern I'm going to play with to get the right shape. I'll enjoy making that. Sewing on beautiful wools is just a pleasure. Even though I sew a lot of knits these days I love the complexity of sewing jackets and coats and the ability to manipulate and mold wool.
Next post will be my fall sewing plan. I've been making lists, lots of lists. Now I've got to firm up my plans and put it out there so that maybe I'll stay at least close to it!


  1. Oooohhhh I perked up at that last mention of fall sewing plans...I can't wait!

  2. Those are terrific patterns. I looked at the two new Hot Patterns today. I like their top, and what I call "slouch pants" look stylish and comfy.

  3. Love the HP top. Like I need another pattern......

  4. I was a bit tempted by those new Hot Patterns - I look forward to seeing how they come out.

  5. I never used Hot Patterns, and am curious how they will be. The Vogue pattern is a classic.
    I've bought the August Knip too and it's quite nice. There is a preview in the back of the September issue. A gorgeous jacket in that one.