Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Vogue Patterns

Some of them are new, others, well they are definitely familiar, read retread. There is yet another top with a bow front and center. Who looks good in this? There are some great patterns here, but unfortunately, the ones I like the best either don't fit my lifestyle, or they would look awful on my body and if I were to succumb to the lure of the $3.99 pattern sale at Joann, they would languish in my pattern stash never to meet fabric.
There are a few that I may purchase, if I manage to make the next sale.

This one is a real possibility. I even have the perfect fabric. They really should say that the wrong side of the fabric is going to show on this one. It has good lines for me, but a warm coat? Not this one.

I love this dress. It might even look good on me. Do I have any place to wear this dress? No.
I also think that I'd have trouble with an fba on this dress.

This one I may very well buy. I have plenty of blouses in my collection of BWOF, but I like the shoulder princess on this one. It is easy to alter for my DD cup bust and narrow shoulders.

This is another one I may buy. I am sewing V2948 pants that have front and back princess seams and the fit is fabulous. No, I can't sew it out of the envelope, but it was easy to alter for my body, which is what tempts me on this one even though I have several similar patterns from BWOF.
I love the coat, but again, I am attracted to something that really isn't the most flattering shape for my body. It has drop shoulders which accentuates my narrow shoulders and pools fabric at my bust line. The top? Haven't we seen this one before, and more than once.
Of course, if I were to make this one, I'd have to make long gloves to keep my arms warm.

The black ones with the quilted cuff are my favorites. But, lets face it, I'll never make a pair of gloves. But, they are pretty.

This is one of the few Marcy Tilton patterns that I like. Most of her stuff is just too shapeless for my taste, but this one has some really nice lines. I even like the trim on this one. Will I sew any of these? The blouse, vest and pants have the best chance of being sewn as they fit my lifestyle and body the best.


  1. Several cute dresses in this bunch, but I'm like you with no place to wear them.

  2. I have nowhere to wear those dresses either. Sigh. I like the blouse though, and the gloves. I have a couple of glove patterns that I haven't made, and really would like to.

  3. I just love the Michael Kors sheath. I'm glad it's up on their site now, so I can add a picture to my PR Wishlist :-) I'll think of someplace where I need to wear it. Or at least a reason to collect it on sale.

  4. Nancy, I thought the same thing about the 1129 coat and then I noticed that Vogue calls this a jacket!

    And I liked the blouse and vest too, although I can't imagine those pants looking too great on me.... Glad to hear SB's other pants were easy to alter to fit. I haven't tried any of her pants yet.

  5. I really love the Michael Kors dress. This look is very flattering for curvy girls like me.

  6. I am intrigued by V8601-a jacket with a longer back to cover the rear.....is the equestrian look coming back??? Love V1120 dress but where would I wear it,and in silk no less.......!

  7. Oooooooo I like the pants. Very chic.

  8. I like some of the patterns this time, but my lifestyle is not like that eiter. The blouse with princess lines caught my attention too.

  9. You know Vogue seems to have done a 180° - I used to not even look at Vogue since the early 90's, but they seem to have taken on a whole new focus of good form/style and construction. One of the main reasons I sew is for fit, and Vogue just didn't have it. But love seeing these new fall patterns.

  10. Great selection of Vogue patterns. Just back from JoAnn's myself and I will probably purchase at least two out of the group you show here.