Tuesday, September 21, 2010

October Burda

It must be a record; the October Burda Style was waiting in my post office box yesterday.   So far the only site where you can see the full issue is  the Russian site.  The German has limited previews and the French site doesn't even have the cover up.  No matter, at least I can link to the patterns there.
I know, this sounds like a bitchy rant against Burda yet again, but no, I love this issue.  In fact the last couple have been great.  There are fewer weird crafts and the home dec is even interesting and if you are into home dec, which you'd have to drag me kicking and screaming to sew,  you might even like and want to make some of this.    Of course the hiking badge thing is bizarre.  Any German readers, do people really wear things like this when they go hiking? My dd hikes and I can't imagine her wearing something like this.  It also seems that it would get caught in the straps of her back pack.
I liked the lace overlay piece but the necklaces were kind of lame and amateurish .  Has anyone made any of the necklaces they've featured in the last year?
This is minor, the reason I buy Burda and keep renewing my subscription is  of course for the patterns and there are lots here that I like and several that would fit both my lifestyle and my body.
I found the trenchcoat I was looking for in La Mia Boutique, but I've been looking for a transitional jacket  for fall.  Last month's jacket that I liked wasn't flattering, so  that's out.  But this one looks like it might be a winner.  It has shoulder princess seams, good for my DD cup bust.  It has a wide shawl collar, but not too wide so that I can actually carry a shoulder bag without it falling off my narrow shoulders, and shoulder pads, both good to widen my narrow shoulders and best, I like it.

This leather jacket is  in the plus sizes, #138.  I love it. 

I love this dress too, though whether I'd make and wear it is questionable.  It's not a sit at my drafting table kind of dress and sadly we don't go out much these days.  I love the leather inserts.  It's in the tall section, and  that raised neckline isn't for my short neck, but that can be changed.  I love the leather inserts and the exposed zippers.  Re exposed zippers, you know I love Riri zippers, and I think I mentioned that Pacific Trimmings had expanded their display and their inventory.  They took up a whole wall and more with them.  Instead of being stuck in bins in basically a dark cave like area in the back they are now  front and center.  They are not the only ones who've expanded their luxury zipper stock.  Lindsay T emailed me with the information that Bottani Buttons has added an Italian brand of fancy zippers,  Lampo zippers,  When I googled them it turns out that Balenciaga uses these in their handbags. Cool.  I need buttons for my trench coat and since I'll be in the city next week on a weekday when all of the notions stores are open, I'll pay them a visit.

On the bizarre front are these pants.  They are stretch pants with leather or faux leather legs. 

They do show the top of them  hidden, so I suppose it's to make these comfortable?  The top is a pattern too, but I don't love this one or even like it.  It's basically a rectangle with holes for neck and arms.
They've  brought back designer patterns with a big name, Karl Lagerfeld.  They are too young for me, but I can see the skirt on my dd only longer.  Like old times they've got an interview with him.  Not a particularly good one but still, it's a start. 
 There is also  the Sewing Academy, with  a well illustrated  lesson on sewing a tailored collar and lapels.  

The other thing they've started, they did it in September too, but I didn't notice it until now, is that instead of that one pattern 4 looks they've started showing current patterns combined with older patterns, all of which are available for download on the German site.   I don't know if these are also going to be available on the English, Burdastyle.com.   

Do you think that all our complaints have actually been heard?   Now if only they'd bring back a real English website. 


  1. I liked the Sept issue, and the Russian previews of the October issue look promising. So I agree that things are looking up with Burda. I say this as I am trying to trace out a pattern, so tricky with so many lines.... Alas, I'll put up with spaghetti junction as long as the style is worth it! :)

  2. My October issue also arrived! I agree with you on both the leather jacket and dress.

    In all seriousness, the leather leggings would make awesome maternity pants.

  3. What day are you going to be in the city next week? Maybe we can meet up for lunch or I can join you in your visit to Botani.

    I love the shawl collar jackets, too. And I was also confused by those weird leather leggings.

  4. I was shocked to see the October issue so early! I didn't like much in the plus section -- except the jacket you pointed out! If I ever get the nerve to sew leather, I should try that one out.

  5. My copy arrived yesterday and I too LOVE the shawl collar jacket. I hope I have time.....my list of wants vs time needs to stop........

  6. did you also notice that they have included line drawings by the photographs and descriptions now? I was excited for that since recently I have been disappointed with Burda (which will forever be BWOF to me.) I'm hoping to fall back in love with it before I renew my subscription. I got my renewal card today and the rate has gone up to $90

  7. Some nice designs there. Hopefully the English site will come back...fingers crossed.

  8. I have no idea what you are talking about with the patch thingy but you are right, if it can get caught in your straps (or worse, rub funny from being pressed against you) it's an automatic out, even for a day hike.