Sunday, April 27, 2014

Choices Made

After considering my choices I decided on the Helmut Lang separates with a  small change. I didn't like the skirt draft and decided to use another of his skirts, the one below but longer.  I made up a muslin and  played with it a bit by cutting  into the angle of the skirt until it looked good to me.  It looks good on me, but you'll have to wait until the final since I took apart the skirt to transfer the angles to my skirt draft.

Starting with my tnt knit top pattern and an article in  January 2014 issue in Threads by Londa Rohlfing to draft the cowl back.  The first one wasn't low enough, so I went back to the original pattern and redrafted it for a lower cowl.  Both muslins are worth finishing since they make very nice tops that will be cool for  summer with the open back.
The pattern on the left is the first one I drafted.  The one on the right is what I'll use for my wedding outfit.  

I'm not sure that you can see it, but the one on the right has a lower, wider neckline to form the deeper cowl.

I chose Emmaonesock's 11 ounce rayon lycra jersey for the fabric.  After pre washing I'll be ready to cut out and sew.  


  1. I just re-read that article today! Looking forward to seeing your outfit Nancy.

  2. Ooo, I am anxious to see these projects. That skirt is fabulous. I love the idea of a low cut back on your top, very sophisticated.

  3. Sounds like everything is coming together beautifully. I mentally filed away that back cowl idea and am eager to see your version.

  4. I'm rerally looking forward to seeing your completed outfit!

  5. Interesting project. The skirt shape is so interesting.

  6. Wow, thank you for sharing this! My TNT top pattern is a cowl neck, and I've been wondering how to make the cowl more dramatic -- now I know how, thanks to you.