Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vera Wang Lavender

Like a lot of people I bought some of the Lavender line fabrics that is selling. I bought 5 yards each of the black and charcoal wool jersey. Meh. It is a single knit(some people thought it wasn't), but heavy and not much stretch. They did say only 15% stretch, which isn't much at all.
I had visions of a Donna Karan like dress. Not happening with this stuff. I don't even know if I'd make a cardigan out of it because the feel of it is rather harsh. I wasn't going to buy anything at all because I figured that if so much of the line was polyester, which I don't wear, I wouldn't like the rest of it either. Then I got their 20% off anniversary coupon and I clicked my mouse. I bought some wool jersey in January at Paron Annex that is gorgeous and it was about the same price as this. At least takes returns, which is a pretty good deal.


  1. It's unfortunate you weren't pleased with your fabric purchase. So much for designer fabric!

  2. Oh no, I also bought 5 yards each of black and charcoal! I think mine's arriving on Tuesday.

  3. I bet your UFO pile is happy though that it isn't being undermined!...You know, if your pile of unfinished garments could speak.