Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Maybe it's Just Me

August's  Burda Style Magazine arrived yesterday.  My husband gets the mail at our PO box before he goes to work.  If my new Burda is there he leaves it and calls to tell me it's in the box so I don't have to wait till he gets home that night.  He knows how I look forward to it's arrival.  Meh. Not this month, or last for that matter.    I've got Burda going back to 1999, when I started buying it at Borders.  I don't have all the issues that far back, but about 2 years later I started subscribing, so I have a lot of back issues.  I went to the Post Office around lunch time and ripped open the plastic bag to get my first peak right there in the parking lot.  Not impressed. 
There is absolutely nothing I want to sew in this issue.  The plus sizes would make me look about twice as big as I am.  When did overloads of fabric become flattering?  Would you wear this?
How about this outfit?
This is everything that Stacy and Clinton tell you not to wear.  Look at all that fabric around the hips and narrowing down to that oh so flattering carrot shape. 

I take it back, I would sew this skirt:
The jackets are not only boring, but none of them would do well for a large busted woman. 
I don't get the collar on this one.  It's so bulky I am choking just looking at it.
Here are the ruffles I really hate.

or this 'lovely blouse'  They bill this section as military or feminine.  Do feminine clothes have to be covered in ruffles? 
The rest is just boring.  

Next month is Folkloric month or 'Boho Chic' as they are billing it this year and I quote: Alpine traditions meets Hungarian Rhapsody- resulting in the loveliest European folk-style fashion clothes! Colorful skirts charming aprons, flattering bodices, darling blouses, casual trousers, rustic knits, and more!'  Doesn't that sound  like just  what you want to sew?  Or maybe you do, but lately this section has  come across as a mish mash kind of a collection and that's what this sounds like. A mess.

One section is inspired by Mark Rothko using bright color combos.  It remains to be seen what the patterns will look like.  the plus sizes look slightly more promising in September.  The rest? There's another overly full dress and more pleated, tapered pants. 

I haven't started planning my fall wardrobe, but needless to say I'll be looking elsewhere for inspiration. Oh and my subscription is up for renewal. It's up to $90 this year and this is the first time I am really thinking about it.
Maybe it's just me,  or are you just as disappointed by Burda Style lately?

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm Back!

It's been over a month since I last posted.   Between work and getting my outfit finished, something had to give and blogging was it.  I finished my outfit for my nieces wedding,  flew out to California went to the wedding and we are back.  It was a lovely wedding and the bride was gorgeous.  

When I decided to make a 3 piece outfit I figured I'd get more wear out of it than I would a cocktail dress, and I can see breaking it up to wear the pants with a cashmere sweater, the jacket over more casual pieces.  The tank under a sweater.  You get the picture.

This jacket was a pita to make.  I don't know why.  I made a muslin for it and carefully hand basted the silk organza underlining on the seam lines.  The problems started with  setting in the sleeves.  They are a 3 piece raglan.  If you think it's hard to set in a set in sleeve they are a cinch compared to these.  The neckline is supposed to be in line with the lapel edge.  I had a lot of trouble doing that and if you look at the pattern pieces and how they go together, it doesn't line up that way.  Of course in the muslin I didn't add the facings.  Big mistake here.  In the end the object was just to get it done, and I did.  I like it, but the low neckline, even though I took out a lot in the lapel really wants to open up over my bust.  Open, you don't notice it.

I do love the pants.  They are a 4 ply silk crepe lined with silk twill.  They fit beautifully and are comfortable to wear.  The jacket is a washed lame in some blend from Emmaonesock.  The silk jersey for the tank also came from EOS.  The trim was a serendipitous purchase at Mood when Claire Kennedy and I were doing our  whirlwind shopping tour of  the garment district.  We were in the trim section at Mood and I mentioned to Claire that I'd really like to trim the tank and looking down there was the perfect trim.

I'd never used a trim like this before but it wasn't hard to do.  I did need a wider binding than this method calls for; 2" instead of 1 3/8".   It's easiest to hand baste the trim first and I used a zipper foot to attach the binding.  I used my tnt t shirt pattern to make this tank top. I lowered the neckline, and added to the front armhole so as not to be too exposed.  If I remember correctly, I also added a bit to the outer shoulder.  I bound both the neckline and the armholes using Lynn Maynard's method.  It really  makes a flat, neat finish and the interfacing helped support the weight of the trim.

Here's a picture of my gorgeous niece.

Next up is finishing a top I didn't finish before we left and  a summer dress.  Maybe a couple more t shirts to finish out the summer as well.
Stay cool.