Thursday, December 26, 2013

I'm Back

Sometimes the longer you put off doing something, like writing this blog the harder it is to get back to it.  I wasn't sewing a lot and I not one of the patterns I posted in my last blog post got sewn..
Ah well, there is always this spring but in the meantime I have done more sewing this fall.  I have some more pieces to photograph but none of it was very difficult or challenging.  I did finally make a dress from La Mia Boutique which was only challenging because I don't read Italian.  More about that when I post it.
Mostly I used my tnt patterns. I've used this Silhouette Giorgio's top so many times that it's become a tnt pattern.

This is a double layered knit with the outer layer cut to reveal a sheer black knit attached underneath. I'm always looking for unique fabrics like this one from Marcy Tilton.  The pants are from my tnt pattern, much altered from the original wide leg Hot Patterns Razor Sharp Pants.  The original is a fly front faced pant; mine has a fly front and a straight waistband. I've narrowed the leg down here  and cropped it a bit.  The fabric is a light matelasse in a stretch blend from Emmaonesock.  Posing in my new front garden this fall you can see my husband's handiwork in the stone path made from recycled bluestone salvaged from a client's former patio.  The blue plant on the left is Geranium Rozanne, a newer hybrid that blooms all summer long. Really.  I planted it blooming in May and here it is October still blooming.  

Jump ahead to Thanksgivikah otherwise known as Thanksgiving and Chanukah. No, this is not the Style Arc pattern. I had just ordered some patterns from them. When they posted this as the freebie of the month  I really didn't have the budget to order more patterns so I used my tnt t shirt and cut it apart.  It was fun to do  and I like wearing it.  The top fabric is from Emmaonesock, a beefy rayon lycra jersey.  I've been making my sleeves longer than normal because I am tired of having rayon shrink more and making my sleeves too short, but I may have overdone it here. 

If you find wool crepe fabric hanging in your closet in a cleaner's bag that you have no recollection of buying or having had steam shrunk is it free?  Seriously, I found this lovely wool and lycra crepe in the hanging portion of my fabric closet and made yet another version of my tnt pants.  I underlined it to the knee with a stretch silk remnant.   I sewed the darts on lining and outer fabric before basting them together. Then I treated them as one.  I lengthened the cropped pattern and narrowed the pants a bit more.  I've been using cotton and rayon petersham  from Judith M. It's stiffer than the 100% rayon I've gotten from Pacific Trimming and works better as a facing for my waistband.  It's comfortable and stable. I do add some mid weight interfacing to the outer band.

My children were both visiting for Thanksgiving and it was nice having them both here at the same time.  Alex cleaned out more stuff from her room and my dh packed 4 boxes of books to send to Texas. She needs a few more bookcases before they all get sent.
Here is  another of the Vogue 8815 blouses that I made her  for Chanukah. This time it has the usual cb invisible zipper.  I also  used self trim for bias binding as I did fir the silk top I made her last February. 

Unfortunately  none of the pictures were very good.  It's  cotton with woven circles  from Emmaonesock.  Lily likes it too.

More to come. I've got the La Mia Boutique dress and 2 more tops to photograph.
Have a great New Years!