Saturday, March 28, 2015

Color In My Wardrobe

Over the last few years color in my wardrobe has slowly been if not eliminated, then become very limited.  I buy little fabric on impulse anymore, which is  a good thing!  What I sew is less impulsive as well. Everything I sew has to be purposeful and fit within my wardrobe. Not just for economy, but because I really don't like a large wardrobe.  I made another Girogio top in December in black merino wool.  I wear that more than anything else.  I could wear it every day but that's getting kind of obsessive!  What I really need to do is find another pattern that I like as much. 
I've been reading the Vivienne Files introduced to me by Myrna at
especially the starting from scratch wardrobe building.  It's not specifically the clothes she picked, which on their own are a bit on the boring side. Then again I sew things that are kind of boring, at least lately. What I like is how she mixes 2 main neutrals with accent colors and how she balances the wardrobe. She uses the accent colors and accessories to give the wardrobe some pizzazz and style. A wardrobe is after all things that will last and work together so that you can easily get dressed in the morning! I like to think of this in a landscape analogy; you can't build a landscape out of accent or eye catching plants. It all has to work together in layers with underlying structure.  The plants together form a beautiful whole and make a garden.

 Most of us aren't building a wardrobe from scratch myself included, but I've just weeded out my closet and what's left is a good starting point.  My main neutrals are black and gray.  I need three accent colors to add to it and that is where I waffle.  Vivienne used red, white and cobalt blue for her accents.  I never think to wear red, but I bought new glasses in red and a new bright red lipstick.  It's the perfect red, neither blue nor orange. So obviously I like how red accents look on me.  I have three pieces of fabric with a nice medium blue in it.  But I also love acid green and I have two pieces of fabric in that color. Nothing in red.  Which, obviously can easily be solved!  I don't like scarves unless it's cool out, and I don't like them hiding necklaces I like to wear.   I just remembered that I have red linen pants.  Perhaps I need a list of what is already in my closet! 
I've been doing  a lot of wardrobe planning lately with lots of pinning, lists and sketches on my croquis.  It's fun, but I need to get to the sewing part.

How do you treat color in your wardrobe?  Are you very strict or do you find yourself buying on impulse and then having nothing that works together?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Do You Pinterest?

When Pinterest first came out I really didn't get the point of it. Then  I started working on a joint project with a much more tech savvy woman, and she suggested we post images to share on Pinterest.  The project didn't work out but I was addicted.  I love the high end fashion sites and while I've snipped and saved to my computer, it's easier to just pin it to a board or more than one board if I want.  It's also easier to see the all of the images together. I get to see what other people find and think interesting too. It's better than fashion magazines which have their own point of view that  isn't usually mine.  

Generally I post clothing that I think will work for my body, sometimes I just like the look and want to remember details.  It's helps me  stay focused on the look I want for my wardrobe without those impulse buys that are still in my stash years later.  I can search out the minimalist clothing that appeals to me. Here are some things that I've pinned recently.  I love this outfit from The Row, the bottom picture is Michael Kors.  I like the jacket better than the pants, but I find the matching denim takes me back a bit.

I really like these cotton lycra pintstripe pants which are on my sewing list since I found almost identical fabric on sale at Marcy Tilton.  They are shown with a top that I will also make but don't know if I'll wear them together.  It's hard to see, but there's a welt pocket on the upper chest. Nice detail on a very simple top. 

I think  the one above is from Eileen Fisher.  You'll notice the black and white theme going on here.   I am still looking for a dress silhouette that I like. It's fun.

Contrary to what's appeared here on my blog I have been doing some sewing. I made a quite a few pieces for a trip in December and didn't bother to photograph them since all of the pieces are tnt and have appeared here many times.  My favorite piece is another Silhouette Giorgio top in a wonderful black merino wool, this one long sleeved.  How many times can I make this top?  Several pairs of pants and a couple of sweater knits, all tnt patterns.
I did make my dd a fabulous skirt in a printed faux leather with a knit top for her birthday today.  I actually managed to get it to her on time. Pictures to come when she has a 'photo shoot'.  It even fits her perfectly.   Burda fits her with almost no changes a 36 at the waist grading out to a 38 at the lower hip and taking in the waist a little.  That and she needs it shortened by about 3".  I wouldn't make pants without a good basic sloper which I may make for her when she comes in May.  She wears dresses to work though most of the year because it's too hot in Austin in the summer for pants, so a good sheath dress sloper would be good.  

Remember the raincoat?  I am about to return to that.  It's all cut out and I've made samples for topstitching.  I also changed the coat I'm knocking off. It's still Celine, but I didn't have anything comparable to the belt so I chose a different coat. 

I had  blue cotton just the color of the buttoned band and pockets.  I made some changes to the coat for practicalities sake, since mine is a raincoat. I'll add some snaps to the front and not leave the seams open..  I think that I'll lower the pockets to make them easier to use. There's another pocket out of site to the back side of the coat.  I'll move that one or leave it off I think.  I originally intended not to line this, since my fabric is bonded with a stripe on the other side. But it didn't really go with the blue accents so I cut a lining.  I have to think about the strange sleeve band placement.  What do you think?  
I'll post progress pictures as I go.  

Friday, March 13, 2015

Think Pink

Or the Pantone color of the year, marsala. Does it remind anyone else of the Emperor's New Clothes?  If you don't have this color in your life, you're losing out. You don't have the latest new thing.  It's just another marketing ploy to get people to buy not only new clothes, but everything that's available in the new color as you can see in this link to Pantone.
According to Pantone it's:
"A naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls."
Really?  Pantone says we should surround ourselves with this color to make our lives wonderful and complete. 
If that one doesn't do it for you there are the other colors of the season.  How many bloggers have taken these and run with them, using them to tell their readers how to use them to dress, and where they can buy pieces available in these colors?  
Ok rant done. How many of you like these colors and will wear them this season?  I'll wear the gray, but I was going to do that anyway!
Have a great weekend.