Saturday, April 4, 2015

Do You Wear What You Buy?

I have a friend who will buy 3 of almost anything that's on sale.  Doesn't matter if it fits her well,  or if the quality could be better, but it was on sale!  She once tried on a  dress that she'd just bought on sale, and of course non returnable, that really didn't fit her well. She wanted to know if I could fix it.  Aside from the fact that I don't sew for people, there was no way I could fix this too tight dress. There was virtually no seam allowance to use, so no way to let it out.  I can only assume that it languished in her closet unworn; I never saw it 
 I read this great blog post today  It  made me laugh.  While I no longer buy much in the way of clothing, I buy patterns I'll never make up, they were on sale, or fabric that really isn't something I'd buy if it weren't on sale!  I am much better about that  last one these days but while what I buy on sale may suit me, do I really need more basic black or gray in my stash?  Carolyn from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic wrote a great post today on the spring fashion trends that she was attracted to.  Floral being one of them.  While I may love it on other people, and I love the floral dress she just made, I can't really see it on me.  White on white I'd wear but it would have to be in a fabric that can be bleached since I am a stain magnate.  I have to toss my favorite white tee since I can't get a stain out.   The one that attracted me the most was the bright mixed colors.  It looks fun and  I think that I'd wear this trend but only in work out clothing and not in 3 colors. Two is about all I can imagine myself wearing.  Bright blue and orange or red, or red and pink as long as the pink is bright enough.  
This all goes along with my desire for a small, manageable wardrobe with things I wear again and again, but isn't boring. 
My grandmother used to say that clothing you buy just for an event never gets worn again.  You bought it because you had to, not because it really suits you. She had great taste and a wonderful wardrobe.  I wish that I had that fabulous Bonnie Cashin coat I remember from my childhood.
Do you buy things on sale just because they are on sale?  Do they languish in your closet with the tags still on them?   What's in your closet that you never wear or have never worn?
How much in your fabric stash will never get sewn?