Sunday, March 29, 2009

Progress on the pants front

All I have left to finish on my pants are the waistband and hems. I made one muslin and thought that I had figured out the changes. If only that were true. I made them up in an inexpensive cotton and lycra woven. I had deepened the cf too much, so I ripped the inseams and took out quite a lot from the front to shorten up the crotch curve. So, I put it back in the pattern. Then I realized that I needed much more room in the back so that they won't pull down at the center back. They are wearable, but not 'perfect' so I'll finish them and make another muslin, trying to figure out how to solve my front crotch issues. The funny thing is that I don't have this issue in rtw, but in rtw the back is always sagging. I get what I call a pleat radiating out from below the zipper bottom down each leg. It is better than it was. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Next up are finishing some UFO's for some instant gratification and less frustration.


  1. Have you ever followed the Palmer/Pletsch method of fitting pants? They publish a pant pattern and a jeans pattern for McCall, and the have a really well done book and a couple of DVDs on the subject also.

  2. Are you clipping into the sa just below the fly extension amd trimming the sa? I clip into the sa almost to the stitching and use fray block otherwise it doesn't want to hang/lay right on my body. Just a thought.


  3. Don't get captured by the aliens! That would totally add to your frustration, not to mention set you behind on updating your blog!