Friday, April 3, 2009

2 Steps Forward, Back One

I made a muslin for my pants and decided to go ahead and make it up in fabric. A wadder. At least it was cheap fabric. I really should take my own advice and get it right in the muslin. So, I made another muslin today. While I was at it I decided to redraft the waist to a contour waistband. The front crotch was much better and the back was almost perfect. The sides needed to come down about 3/4" though in the final I'll need to sew my lower left side down a bit more. I also needed more ease in the non stretch muslin. I think that I would be better off drafting two pants patterns. One for non stretch fabric, and one for stretch. I find that I really need very little ease with even 2 or 3% lycra. I will not be lazy and I'll sew another muslin. Pants are so quick to sew if I don't have to struggle with the fit ! I am kind of obsessive about pants fit, so until I get it right, no other sewing will be happening. At least muslins are quick and dirty.
I hope that I can get to it this weekend. I have cooking to do for Passover and even some work. Yep, work. I took the afternoon off to sew the muslin.
Have a great weekend.


  1. My sentiments exactly! Pants would be so simple if we knew the fit was right. I'm doing the opposite with the waistband. Taking it from contour to straight. I wish you the best with both of your muslins.

  2. I'm with you. If we take the time to get a really well fit pant, the sewing is is easy. As soon as I finish the jacket I'm working on, I'm going to start pants. I didn't get in on the jeans sew-alog, but am reading it, and learning from the rest of you.

  3. To say you are obsessive about fit is quite possibly an understatement. As the years go by, I have lost count of how many triumphant 'NOW I've made the perfect pants pattern' yells to shouts of frustration over a thing that isn't laying QUITE perfectly (that none of us can see). I'm not sure how you ever bought clothing off of the rack :-p.

    ...I have also never missed your sewing skills as much as I do now that I have to face a Korean if I want to get anything altered--without any of the necessary relative vocabulary. Why oh why was I never more patient about learning from you?!

  4. Fit in pants remains an issue for me too. Good luck with your next muslin.
    Alex comment is so sweet!

  5. Pant are so hard to fit and so easy to obsess about :)) Love your house btw; those high ceilings are fantastic, and what a cozy studio you have up there.

  6. I'm going to make my first pair of pants in nearly 20 years very soon. Should be interesting!

  7. Well ... I've been trying (and trying)to make my first pair of pants and am having so many problems fitting the back seat.
    Would you consider sewing examples of common pant fitting errors, posting a photo, and then another photo on how you fixed the problem.
    PS:- my year make and model is similar to yours!!