Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thank you Phyllis

Just a quick post. Phyllis, from Coudre Mode suggested double thread at 3.5 length for my topstitching, a topstitching needle and tightening my tension. I did another test and it was the best one of the bunch. I now have the front and back princess seams beautifully topstitched. Thank you Phyllis!


  1. As we say in Korea, "Asssah!" Meaning great, awesome, etc.

  2. Don't know why my email was returned, but here's what I did to the jacket to keep it from gapping.
    . Cut the jacket from pattern piece from bottom of pattern piece along the grain line arrow; however do not cut completely through the top of the pattern. (Figure out how much you need to add to close the gap.)
    . Spread the pattern at the bottom of the pattern piece, allowing for the number of inches needed to close your gap. (Not spreading the pattern in the upper portion of the pattern allows you to make your adjustment without changing the measurements of the top of the pattern.) Then cut your fabric.
    . If you are considering making that same Patrones jacket pattern, the front band also needs to be adjusted.

    Hope this makes sense!

  3. your email was returned because ms. nancy has an absurdly restrictive spam/unknown email filter

  4. I'm blushing and you're welcome!