Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bits and Pieces and This and That

My visit to New York last week included a very rushed visit to the garment district, of course! I wasn't really looking for fabric, but I wanted to get the Riri zippers for my motorcycle jacket. When you zoom in close to the Oscar de la Renta jacket the brand name is clearly visible. I bought the satin finish open end zipper just like the original, one 18" open end and 4 6" zippers for the pockets and sleeves. $68 dollars. I know I could have bought YKK for less, but the fabric is worth it. They make them up for you while you wait, maybe 10 minutes.

While I was waiting I browsed the store, and I found what I've been looking for in NY, Petersham ribbon! They have it labeled as rayon grosgrain, but it has the proper loops at the edges and it's half the price at $1.50 a yard for 1 1/2" wide that I paid $3.09 a yard on line. They just don't know what to call this stuff, so how can you find it when you ask for it?
See those edges? That's what enables you to steam this into shape. They have it in a lot of widths and colors.

My Jacket

Progress, even though I put my back out yesterday. Again. I have not been religious about doing my back exercises so this is my payback. I have stenosis of the spine, so I really need to keep up my exercises.
I made the pockets this weekend and sewed most of the lining together. That's the coral color on the left. Burda says to hem the jacket first and then sew on the pockets. I didn't because it would be impossible to bag my lining that way. I pressed up the hem and placed the pocket on the fold. I also decided to leave off the belt loops and I enlarged the pockets. They were so small that after the topstitching I'd be hard pressed to put my hand in them. But, then again if you make them following Burda's instructions, you can't put your hand in the pocket anyway. They have you put a buttonhole in both the loop and the pocket and button the two together. As I said, no way to actually use the pockets.

The collar and lapel still need to be topstitched.


  1. Yikes, Nancy, $68 for three zippers?!! I had no idea it would cost that much. You know I'll spend the bucks for quality (I shop at that button store, after all), but GULP! this expense is taking me by surprise. I may wait to buy my zippers when I'm ready to actually start sewing this jacket.

  2. You are very talented. I love all the detail in your work!

  3. That's a lot of money for zippers, but I'm sure they will be wonderful on your jacket.
    Great find on the ribbon, I still want to try that Petersham ribbon, ever since I read about it in Sandra Betzina's book. And the jacket is coming along nicely.

  4. i don't even like spending that much on a jacket.... let alone zippers! (wink-wink)

  5. Ok guys it was for 5 zippers. I bought 2 for the pockets and two for the sleeves in 6" close bottom, and one 18" in open bottom. This zipper doesn't come it 2 way.

  6. I think it's great you treated yourself to some cool zippers! Enjoy them. Show them off!

  7. I think a great zipper is a major design element and is as important as the right trim or lace. I have the same ones you just bought and they don't compare in any way to a zipper that is a mere garment fastener!

  8. Love the pockets on the jacket.

  9. I have seen the petersham at Britex also labeled as grossgrain in rayon. Apparently all grossgrain was petersham at one time, until they came along with the poly immovable stuff. The jacket is looking great.

  10. Mom (This is long for a comment, but I have rights being your daughter and all.),

    I will pay to have someone come to your house and slap you around if you don't do your exercises everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, not really but take care of yourself missy! You know I can't afford to call you everyday to nag. I may put Josh/Dad on your case. Professional naggers around the clock, just you wait.

    The zippers are totally worth it. If you are going to make a luxe jacket you can't cheap out on the details. Thus the reason why your clothing always looks like it came from Saks or something.

  11. Nancy, you have the greatest kids. And of course, the Riri zippers will be fabulous!!!

    And the stenosis...It is my opinion that we are supposed to be eaten by a large hairy beast with large tusks before we reach the age of 40...see we just haven't evolved (or the hairy beast didn't). I have discussed this theory with my doctor...she didn't disagree :-)