Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sewing plan

Here's a more concise sewing plan for my wardrobe.

I'm going into NYC to buy leather tomorrow. I was going to wait and go in with dd, but my husband is driving in tomorrow, so I'll save train fare. She and I will go in regardless, to go do some museums, but she hates to fabric shop.
Karen was good enough to recommend a place where I might even be able to use my bargaining skills for the leather and a fabric store that is going out of business on the same street with some good bargains. I may avoid that store depending on how much the leather costs!
I am also making a list of notions and zippers that I need. I need some good shoulder pads too for the jacket. I am going to make the shoulders a bit stronger than it was designed. I don't think that the pattern called for shoulder pads, so I'll have to check that. Back to tracing patterns!


  1. Is it wrong to be delighted that I don't have to go fabric shopping? I love spending time with you deary...for any moment but that.

  2. Hi Nancy...just LOVE your swap choices. You have a wonderful sense of style and the talent to sew it beautifully.

    The colors you've chosen are gorgeous!

  3. Great plan. Good luck with the shopping!

  4. Your wardrobe plan looks amazing, looking forward to following your progress!

  5. You plan looks really good, Nancy. I especially like the Burda jacket and are those both new pants patterns for you? I'm sure this will all be amazing when you finish. I love to do the wardrobe contest, but this year I'm just keeping my eye on one thing at a time. At the rate I'm going, I woudn't finish a wardrobe until it would be time for the next season.