Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Search for Patrones

Through Pattern Review and various blogs I was introduced to pattern magazines other than Burda, Patrones and Knipmode in particular.  I generally buy single copies on Ebay from Stoff-Art.  Their speed is less than stellar and  I waited and waited for September Patrones to be offered for sale.  Finally, it was up and I bought it.  I am still waiting for it to come along with the October issue of Knipmode.  In the meantime I noticed that Ebay had the October issue of Patrones up.  It was from a Dutch company they were a few dollars cheaper even.  I have my October issue and I am still waiting for September.  I'm glad I bought it right away, as they only had 3 copies, but if you want the September issue it's still up.  One of the attractions of Patrones was that all the garments were from various European designers including such luminaries as Prada on occasion.  This October issue is the first one I've bought in a few months.  The titles, white blouse for instance, just don't have the cache the designers names had.  There are some lovely designs, but the allure of being able to make a Prada is gone.  When did this change happen?  

Sewing: I have been busy with my wardrobe.  I only have 3 pieces done and unless I up my speed, it won't get finished.  I am still optimistic  because the jeans are my last time consuming piece, well only time consuming because I've ripped the topstitching out too many times to count.  My machine does not like to make nice, even topstitches.  It doesn't like to hold it's tension either.   I'll take it in again after I finish my wardrobe.  They fit reasonably well  and I may actually make another pair if I can get my machine to do a better job on topstitching. I finished the denim trouser and a gray wool jersey top, both of which I wore with my jacket to PR day. I  may photograph a few pieces this week if I get a chance.


  1. I'm sad to hear Patrones is no longer offering designer patterns. I love the mag but haven't tracked one down in a while, considering I own about 6 already and have only made one pattern. As for the wardrobe contest, I'm right with you -- 2 and a half pieces done, so it's doubtful I'll finish...

  2. Come on Nancy, you 'must' finish that wardrobe, I'm wanting to see it completed. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. Don't give up on it.
    Though of course, you must take the time you need for it, if you don't meet the deadline, that's a pity, but clothes you're not satisfied with are worse.
    The Patrones seller is the same one I bought my issue from here from a local site. Good and fast service was what I experienced.

  3. Nancy - you're right on about Prada....I think they've gotten boring, but I thought they were boring when they went off their original design model - although it was more "traditional" like Hermes, it was a house of great design. Prada, smada....who needs it.

    Loved hearing your discussion on Patrones...I may have to try this just to see the new patterns - love something new.

  4. I hate it when my machine misbehaves like that!

  5. I know! You could buy another machine just for topstitching! ;-)
    I really hope you finish this wardrobe, because what I've seen so far is stunning. Looking forward to that leather skirt. is now offering subscriptions to Modellina (Italian pattern magazine). I bit. Would have preferred Patrones though.