Sunday, June 13, 2010

Burda Style July Preview

Why does the Russian site always have the Burda Style previews first?  Why not the German site? Well, anyway I finally figured out how to access it and while a lot of women will love it, the regular sizes are a bit girly for me.  I didn't do girly when I was young and now it's certainly not the time!  I do like the leather jacket, but it's really not for someone with a DD cup bust. I can just see that collar  jutting out over my bust.  Not a pretty sight.
This top on the right is lovely.  Just not for me.  It is certainly more interesting and trendy than a lot of what Burda has been showing lately.
When we get to the plus sizes, I thought that this top was interesting.  Definite possibilities, especially the ability to use up all those too big to throw away scraps.
The above dress however, enlarged from a regular sized dress from a while back, would make me look like a whale.  You'd have to be the sort of minimally plus size of the model, and that tall to look good in this.  Also, no bust for it to hang off.  So basically I found one top I'd make so far.  I certainly hope that there are more suitable clothes in this issue. 


  1. Nancy - interesting take! While I'm not much of a top girl, the plus size dress is intriguing because there are ways that you could work with it to make it look more eyecatching than the plain black its made in.

  2. I bet the top with the straps could morph into a fabulous swimsuit design. I think it could be quite flattering and a bit retro.

  3. Nancy,
    How do I access the Russian site? What the heck have they done with the old BWOF???????? ARRGGGHH!

    I love the black dress- but it is exactly the same as a few months ago.....oh well.....not much to look forward to....

  4. That black dress would make even a size zero model look weird. You'd have to be bloody Iman to pull it off without a belt or something.

    Love that rouched tank top but agreed, not age appropriate. I would totally rock it though. :-p.

  5. Wow, I am drooling over the jacket. And the ruched top. I agree with Bunny - it would make a great swimsuit (maybe a tankini top).

  6. I was so happy to see the July offerings it took me a minute to realize I didn't like them much. With all the changes and re-directions, I wasn't sure I'd ever see magazine content online again. The plus size elastic waist pants are interesting - maybe with the knit top you posted.