Monday, October 4, 2010


Burda Style has teamed up with Mood Fabric to offer a 30% discount for fashion fabrics ordered online from Mood's updated website.  I got an e mail from Burda Style  this morning addressed to members, but  it did say to pass it on to your friends, so I'm passing it on to my readers.  Just enter the code burdastyle30 at the appropriate place at checkout.  Burda Style says that Moods online site encompasses their stores inventory.  No, not even close!  But, something I saw in the store on Friday but didn't want to pay full price for made it's way into my virtual shopping cart, and no I'm not telling what I bought..  No scolding Alex!  Not all the fashion fabrics are covered as I discovered when I added some stretch silk charmeuse to the cart and it didn't deduct the discount.  Fabrics starting with the code PV aren't covered by the discount.  Ah well, I can always get it anytime. 
Have fun!  It's a good deal.  Oh, it's good til October 6th.


  1. I know! I squealed with delight because there is no way I will make it to Mood to shop anytime soon!

  2. That is great news. Thanks for sharing!

  3. First thought when I received the mail yesterday: Can't hurt to look, then the website was not working (probably while all of us were trying to connect). Now looked for some wool jersey, only to find out in their shipping conditions they don't ship outside the usa. Good for my bank account :)

  4. Bad Mommy, Bad! YOU HAVE ENOUGH FABRIC TO OUTFIT A SMALL ARMY! ....A small, very fashionable army of leopard print loving ninjas. Okay, possibly more like a guerrilla troop sized army BUT STILL.

    I love you and your ninja outfitting abilities but really, how many ninjas need to be fashionable?

    ....I really should not drink so much coffee in the afternoon.

  5. @Sigrid:
    For International Members:
    While the website states that Mood only ships in the USA, Mood does actually process online purchases for International customers.

    1. Instead of placing a credit card number, please place your order as a phone order. There will be a box to check for this once you have processed your order and entered shipping information.
    2. Once you submit and complete your order as a phone order, please call +1-201-933-7565. Your purchase will be on hold until you call.
    3. Mood customer service will be able to give you an updated shipping cost to your area and take payment information to complete your order.


  6. @anonymous, thanks for the update on this, it's a bit more complicated but good to know that it can be done.
    @ Alex: hilarious comment