Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sewing For Fun

That's right, sewing is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.  My escapades with the coat, which I still don't love, had knocked out my sewing mojo.  Then came the issues with my jacket pattern.  All not fun. 
Sigrid suggested I sew something easy to get back into sewing and I did; I  made a pair of pants. Yes, pants.  Without fitting issues pants are easy, especially when I sew them without waist and hip details, which I did.   Having that tnt pattern is really the ticket to making pants fun and easy if your body doesn't conform to the ideal body shape that the sewing companies use.  The other key to a flattering pair of pants is fabric that drapes well.  It just flows over all those lumps and bumps.  A certain weight is needed here as well.  One thing I did was add another inch to the length so that one, they are longer than I've been making them, and two that I could have a deeper hem which also adds weight and hangs well. 

Now I am sewing up two ufo tops.  One is a silk blouse and the other is double layer knit top that I started in the fall and it got too cold for  it.  
I'll show them when I get a new top done so that I have an 'outfit'.  Like Elaray, I really don't like sewing Swap's, especially those with lots of garments. I do however like to sew pieces that go together.  Of course, with my limited color repertoire almost everything goes to together in my wardrobe.


  1. Easy tops are the best cure for difficult project mojo issues. I like making baby quilts too - easy and fast and then I feel better

  2. Looking forward to your outfit. Great to have some mojo back.

  3. I was wondering where you were..........
    Welcome back.

  4. I'm familiar with sewing funk. It comes to visit me, now and then. But like company who overstays their welcome-it does eventually leave!

  5. Fun! I wore my suit skirt that you made me today! Always makes me feel very elegant.

  6. I make cushion covers and kids leggings and t-shirts when more complex sewing starts to feel like a battle - hope your interest for the trickier sewing comes back soon!