Friday, May 11, 2012

Sewing Outside the Box

With color that is.  Almost everything in my wardrobe can be worn with black or gray.  I have one pair of brown tweed pants and a few things that go with them, but that's it.  Last year or maybe it was the year before I bought this lovely blue and white herringbone bottom weight  cotton from Zegna at one of Michaels fabulous half price sales.  The only problem is that the only thing in my wardrobe that it would go with are a few white knit tops and they are pretty shabby.  Since I really wanted to make a pair of pants with the fabric I needed to build a plan around it.  A capsule wardrobe would do, and  all of the tops will actually go with other things in my wardrobe, so double duty.  
Color blocking is big news this season and that was my starting point, that and everything except the paisley below was in my stash.  

 The royal blue cotton knit on the left is for the cardigan.  My tnt cardigan, but a shorter more fitted silhouette with  3/4 sleeves. The finished top is a white textured knit made up in Silhouette's Giorgio's Top. I'll post a review and photos on me when I finish my pants.

The  yellow silk jersey will be either another Giorgio's top or that oop Tom and Linda Platt that I wore in Texas.  The third top is a gorgeous paisley(below) with orange, royal blue, black and white  rayon from EOS that is on it's way to me.  Vogue 8815 from my last post is planned for this piece.  So I really should make the yellow jersey in a different pattern.  Would it be terrible to have 3 peplum style tops?  I really love how the top looks on me. 

That's it for now. Have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day.


  1. I am wearing a solid blue tshirt today with a bright yellow riviera cardigan jacket, so I like the colour combo!
    Sewing little capsule wardrobes seems like a good idea to me. I tend to end up with separates that I can't combine with anything.

  2. The peplum is a huge trend right now--I think you can make as many as you want!

  3. Great plan, looking forward to seeing it on you.

  4. Your white top is gorgeous, Nancy, and the fabrics, all of them, are fabulous. Very smart to approach the blue fabric with a plan.

  5. Beautiful top! I have same problem too-capsules are a great solution. I love the blue color

  6. Today I'm wearing a burnt orange skirt, purple Jalie tie neck collared teeshirt, black jacket, black belt, tights and black and leopard print mules. Bravest outfit ever. DD aged 16 approves. Hope that doesn't mean mutton dressed as lamb.