Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Don't Miss This Opportunity to Give Your 2 Cents!

A lot of us have been pretty unhappy with Burda Style of late, especially their plus sized offerings.   I've certainly bitched about them all too frequently.  Now you can let them know exactly what you want.  They actually want to know!  Of course, this is the New York based Burda Style office and how much pull they have with the mother company is any ones guess.  But, still, don't miss this opportunity to voice your opinion. I certainly didn't.


  1. Normally, I don't read the BurdaStyle website. That's another story. But, I have been following this plus-size discussion. I hope at least some of the suggestion will make it into the magazine.

  2. Actually I find their plus size patterns much more appealing than their regular size collection. Nevertheless I almost stopped buying Burda though August issue looks not that bad.

  3. Thanks Nancy,
    I discontinued my subscription last winter.