Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Voted

Hopefully you have already voted or are planning to get to the polls.  I certainly urge you to do so. I was brought up in a family that never missed an election as was my husband.  We taught our children that voting is a privilege. How many people are there in the world who don't have that right?  
My family has all voted. My children took advantage of early voting in their states, Alex because it was easier to do it on her day off, and Josh because he's in China. My dil was at the polls at 6:04 this morning so that she could vote, take Jakob to daycare and get to work on time.  
Vote.  It's important.


  1. I voted too -- a disorganized mess (my voting location), but I voted!

  2. Nice to see fellow sewists are also enthusiastic about their civic duty! I raised my kids to appreciate the privilege of voting and they have consistently voted since they came of legal age. Now my daughter is setting the example for my grandkids, although she did have to tell my granddaughter that glitter stickers can't go on the ballot.

  3. I'm Australian and I just don't get voting as an optional decision. We are fined if we don't vote- Americans might regard this as communistic, but down under universal franchise means just that!

    1. I don't get it either but there are too many people in this country who don't understand that. I can still remember turning 21 and registering to vote(It's 18 now). It was a momentous occasion for me. My children as well. My mil has been involved with League of Women voters her entire adult life, she's 92. When I asked my son if he had registered to vote when he move to North Carolina, he laughed and said do you think Grandma would let me not vote?