Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Quick Thank You

Thank you for your support and suggestions; I really needed them!  Bunny,  your comment about heavy fabric eating up ease is a good reminder.  I had this issue with a coat a few years ago.  I will add a little more ease to the next and hopefully last muslin as well as wider seam allowances. I found some heavier fabric in the stash that arrived for free with some order or other. Good use for it. 
I laughed when two people said that my left shoulder is lower.  Actually you are seeing well padded shoulders  and I obviously added a tad too much to the right shoulder, so thank you for pointing that out. I have a  low right shoulder due to a torn rotator cuff over 30 years ago. They only repaired these back then if you were an athlete. The doctor said, you don't want a big scar on your shoulder.  You know what? I should have taken the scar!  It's an odd issue to fit since the bone, I think the collar bone, causes a bump just in from the shoulder and then drops off so that the top of the shoulder just past it  is quite a bit lower.  The bone makes it look like it's a bit higher than the left shoulder, but only the top of the bone is higher.  Fun to fit, right?  One of the reasons I like knits so much, they just gloss over this problem and I only lower the slope of the shoulder. It also makes my narrow shoulders that much narrower.   

I've got so many different lines on my coat pattern that I am tracing a new one so that I can make sense of it.

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