Friday, March 13, 2015

Think Pink

Or the Pantone color of the year, marsala. Does it remind anyone else of the Emperor's New Clothes?  If you don't have this color in your life, you're losing out. You don't have the latest new thing.  It's just another marketing ploy to get people to buy not only new clothes, but everything that's available in the new color as you can see in this link to Pantone.
According to Pantone it's:
"A naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls."
Really?  Pantone says we should surround ourselves with this color to make our lives wonderful and complete. 
If that one doesn't do it for you there are the other colors of the season.  How many bloggers have taken these and run with them, using them to tell their readers how to use them to dress, and where they can buy pieces available in these colors?  
Ok rant done. How many of you like these colors and will wear them this season?  I'll wear the gray, but I was going to do that anyway!
Have a great weekend.


  1. I pay attention to the Pantone color reports because it gives me a good idea of what color fabrics will be available for us home sewers in a year or two. Otherwise I wear the colors I like and that suit my complexion.

  2. I check out Pantone's color reports but only buy fabric that suits my coloring. I believe that as one ages (I'm 67 next week) it's very important to dress in colors that flatter and not just what's suppose to be 'in style'. It's another reason to be thankful that I sew most of my clothes! Glad to see you posting. Karen

  3. I do like this color, but since it does nothing for my complexion, won't buy any fabric in it like you, I wear a lot of gray.

  4. I really like the spring colors; well save for the tangerine and custard. Too washed out. I like Marsala for fall/winter.

  5. Since I don't drink anymore, I guess I'll wear my red wine :-) I do follow the Pantone reports but mostly with an eye to decorating, not sewing. Marsala is a good color for me, though I like that shade with a bit more blue and less brown.

  6. new name for plum color? sounds more interesting? I don't look at the seasons colors at the pantone site normally. I wear what suits me (I hope) and see the current colors in the shops or the fabric market and ignore those that may be in style but do nothing for me.

  7. I don't just wear things for one season so if I love it, great, otherwise, moving on!

  8. Haha this rather funny . I recently bought some linen in this colour, got it home and thought my goodness what have I done little knowing that I am in fashion! Well maybe this linen wasn't such a big mistake !

  9. Well, you know I'm sitting here with my handy-dandy little Pantone palette (which is wonderful for my clients), and Marsala (or 18-1438) is a great color......IF you have certain coloring. These seasonal "in" colors are great if you fit in the coloring for that color. But if you don't....well, in my day they called it "Fashion Victim". That was a person who went out and bought the latest look, oblivious to whether it was flattering to her shape, style or size, and looking like a walking advertisement for visual pollution.

    It's hard to weed through all this stuff to get to what looks good on a person, especially when there's so much fashion fogginess out there. What I did for my clients and me personally when styles of ill-fitting, ugly and ripped-up clothing became popular (which was really not conducive to formal wear), was go back to a classic style, a la Audrey & Givenchy or Coco Style who popularized such things like pants, Breton shirt, LBD and of course the suit of all suits! These clothes never go out of style, but of course they also don't create much headlines till they are about 5+ years old. Then people begin to realize how classic and timeless they are.

    Today - it's hard to read from the retailer what's in what's not? There really isn't a trend or fashion fad to follow, because everything (including bad style, bad construction and bad materials/notions) is allowed. How can a novice or even someone young enough not to know about style and fashion, know that there is such a thing as classic or timeless style, if they've never seen it or experienced it.

    I try and think of a lot of my friends' kids who are out working and having families and working at keeping their budgets in order. They live at the discount clothing place to keep their "look" current and their budget in order. What would they need?....what should they buy?....what should they have in their closets to work for their styles, shapes and sizes? It's a little like weaning oneself from a horribly obsessive addiction, and the worst part is that a lot of them don't even know they have the addiction!!! And here's the kicker in all this - those cheap clothes?.....they are really more expensive than the well-made, classic style.

    Oops - sorry - like you - hit a nerve!

  10. Yes it did hit a nerve. My daughter Alex is disgusted with cheap fashion; it looks old so quickly. She's not after the latest look since she works for a conservative company with a dress code. She'd just like it all to last longer. She's started buying better clothing and she's a lot happier.

  11. Style not fashion is important to me.

    1. I've been working on style that works for me for years now and I feel comfortable in my choices and how I look in them. That's not to say that I don't change, but it's always with what works for my life in the forefront.