Friday, November 27, 2009


We had a lovely Thanksgiving on Alex's last day here.  She was off to the airport at 8 am with her Dad.  I had to take 2 guests to the train, so we said our goodbyes here.  She was teary saying goodbye to our very old, 17 years, dog.  Us she can talk to and video chat with, but not so the dog of course

Here we are dressed  in our Thanksgiving finery.  You'll notice my Tom and Linda Platt dress and my Hot Patterns cardigan.  Both have turned out to be favorite pieces.  I didn't think that I'd make the jacket again, but I love it, so I may make it with some red wool double knit from the stash.

Here's Alex with Mr. Nicky. 

On the sewing front:  I am finishing up my jeans.  Let me say how much I hate stretch denim with more than 2% spandex.  Note to self, never buy denim again with more than minimal stretch for comfort. It's a paint to topstitch across the grain.  .  I did  cut the waistband with  the straight grain going around the body, which helps, but below that I really had to take in a lot. 
When they get too irritating I have my green twist front Burda top on the cutting table.
After I finish my wardrobe plan I am going to make this knock off tunic from Tory Burch.  I already have the nailheads.

I'll probably make it from my tnt t shirt pattern. V8151.


  1. Love the picture of you and Alex. And Alex with Nicky just chokes me up. I know you'll miss her.

  2. Very nice pictures, both your outfits look great.

    I like the style of top you plan on making.

    I may have missed a post,what jeans pattern are you using?

  3. Alex is beautiful and that is such a sweet picture of her and her best friend. Great tip on the spandex. Thanks.

  4. Oh how the time flies! I know you will miss her.
    And I agree with you on lycra content. Just a little dab will do ya.

  5. Nice pictures. It must be "lonely" again now Alex is gone.
    Great project for after the wardrobe.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! I know that you'll miss Alex. And that she will miss Mr. Nicky.
    I like the nailheads on the tunic. V8151 is my TNT Tshirt too -a nice blank canvas to start with

  7. Oooo that tunic looks bad ass! Make it make it! (and maybe my suit jacket?!)