Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I've been looking at a lot of the spring 2010 collections over on the past few days and my favorite  collection by far is Phoebe Philo's collection for Celine.  She's also featured in Vogue this month, along with other designers they consider minimalist,. with the quote "Urban  minimalism today is a simple composition of sharp angels and flat planes--with a few interesting new wrinkles (even ruffles) worked in."  Intellectually I love minimalism, in architecture, home design and clothing.  I look at design magazines and I always gravitate to the minimalist looks and my home is full of modern furniture, just not all of it.  You have to be very disciplined and rigorous to live in an architectural gem (which I don't) and your 'things', you know the stuff of everyday living, have to be tightly edited or hidden away.  I don't like clutter and my things are always carefully  arranged and they are edited,  but there is more 'stuff' than you'd see in a modern house.  Now to the clothing part.  I do not have a body that sharp angles and flat planes look good on.  I am an overweight, curvy middle aged woman.   Most definitely not  the body that these are designed for.  I love modernism and these say modern to me.  No prints in sight either.   As with living in a modern home,  having a style, or even being stylish takes a lot of work.  Careful editing of my fabric and pattern choices are necessary.  But, while I am a modernist, I am also kind of eclectic and I like a little more variety in my wardrobe, though I am pretty limited in my color choices.  I like a few prints to break up the expanse of a larger body.  Those size 0 models don't obviously have this issue.  I do love the fabric choices and these are accessible to me.  The other issue is finding patterns that fit this aesthetic.  Vogue's latest offerings are girly in the extreme and I most definitely don't  do girly. The others of the big 4 lack lack a sleekness and the detail that I am looking for.  They don't look modern to my eye at all.  Burda mag has been lacking too in the last few months.
What do I like about the Celine collection that I can emulate?  The wonderful wide legged  pants in camel linen with black pocket welts and details.  The black stripe down the side seam.  Simple white blouses and interesting construction.  What I really like about this collection is the timelessness of it all.  Obviously I won't be buying it, but I like to take my time with my sewing and love good finishing, so timeless design that won't go out of style quickly is a very good thing.

I love the black leather lacing of the above dress.  She used it on some tops too.  I still like the inspirations  I posted from Net a Porter, but see what I mean about  my style being a bit eclectic?  I am not anal enough, nor disciplined enough to stick to one really defined style.  It takes a lot of work too.
Shopbob sent me an email with a shop the styles message.  They were showing Bohemian, girly, casual chic, downtown and classic. No minimalism here.   Do you fit into any of these or are you even interested in being 'stylish' in a certain narrow category?


  1. I know what you mean with not sticking with one style. I like a variety of different styles which includes your minimalism but also all the other ones too. I like having an eclectic style where I gather different inspirations kind of like a pack rat. Love the dress with the lace-up as well! Lovely inspiration!

  2. I flit around from thing to thing. I often like clothes that don't fit my life-style at all. In the end, I need jeans and tshirts 99% of the time. I do like the lace-up dress. It's a good example of something I am attracted to, but do not have the life-style for!

  3. I am fairly minimalist in my clothing style with just a touch of something else thrown in for good measure. As in fairly plain pants and shirt with a vest, sweater or jacket that throws in color or design or something.

    I really like the lace-up dress/jacket, whatever it is.

  4. Does wearing the same few things over and over count as a style? Hmmmm... Probably not.

    I agree with Karin - I have a hard time matching my tastes with my lifestyle. I have way too much dressy stuff and not enough clothing that I love wearing every day. But I'm hoping that the pants I am working on now will help break me out of the rut. I'm very inspired by the make over on the Male Pattern Boldness blog and also your thoughts on style.

  5. I guess I am gravitating more toward a classic style, but that could just be because I am too confused to go any other direction. What looked good on me in my 20s/30s/40s does not look good on me now.

  6. Though I certainly would like to have a style/look, I don't have one, but am attracted to cloths without (too much) embellishments. Love your inspiration pieces.

  7. I wish I had a style and I am working to build it at the moment.
    I love tailored garments and paricularly jackets and wide very well drafted pants (rather masculine I guess.I am trying to sew basics item black and beige with some white accents (shirts) and some bright. Rather classic with some vintage 70s touch.
    That what I am dreaming of but I am far from that actually.
    Thanks for this interesting post. It echoes Peter's / Male Pattern Boldness about having a look. Very interesting too. I read it yesterday but it is older.

  8. I'm more of a classic dresser I think. I love tailored pieces although I am seriously trying to step out of that box just a little bit.

  9. I agree with Sigrid, love the inspiration posts.

    I think that my problem is that I see work dressing as obligation and weekends as inspiration. During the week I'm fairly boring but on the weekend I love to experiment. I love NY diva looks for clubbing, indie girl rocker for kicking it around town, classy, funky whatever. I think the idea that you have to stick to one style is a little silly at any age.

  10. I like classic with a touch of girly. So your inspiration photos don't do it for me. Being petite they would overwhelm me too. I find I am gravitating more to romantic decor as well. Interesting post.
    I always think what you make suits you so well and always so pulled together.

  11. It is difficult especially if your budget doesnt allow you to afford one designer who is specific to your style.
    I like different looks for the seasons also.
    I think if I could afford to I would make Calvin Klein my signature style.
    Great post!

  12. Yeesss. Simple, classic, minimalist. Sounds great to me too.