Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy Weekend

Saturday was good for my bank account, but not for sewing.  It was a gorgeous day to install a landscape, especially the location.  The property overlooks the Sound and I made it even more beautiful. adding lots  of color that was missing in her existing landscaping.
Alex rewrote my website first page so I worked on getting that up and while the site needs more work, it is up.  

Sunday I did manage to get my white blouse, Hot Patterns Princess Shirt,  cut out.  However, I realized after I cut it out, and fortunately I have some extra fabric, that Debbie Cook  had said that there was too much ease in the sleeve cap.  I always measure the the armscye and the sleeve cap.  So why not here?  Who knows.  I'll measure it and decide if I want to remove some ease and if so I'll recut the sleeve.  I lowered the neckline by an inch and reshaped the lapel area.  I am  cutting a pair of pants to go with it.  Black and lycra sateen to start.  So exciting, but I need some basics.  Then I'll sew.

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