Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Alex is not happy with my reduced posting of late, but it's spring.and there are lots of things to do.
There is more work for one, which is of course a good thing.  I have also been working at growing my business.  With the help of my wonderful son I've been building a website for my business,   Nancy Karpen Landscape Design.  The website is actually finished, but we're having trouble getting it up.  Gardening has actually been going on here too, and last, I've been sewing. 
The yoga pants are finished and I am cutting out the very hot pink top. Pants are charcoal gray by the way.   Me, hot pink?  No.  But it's the gorgeous rayon jersey that Emmaonesock sells, so languishing in  my stash forever  is not an option.  It will match my face after exertion, but it's only yoga class.
Photos when the outfit is finished.

Pattern Review is running another wardrobe contest.  Nancy you are not even going to think about planning one!   This one is 10 pieces in 3 months.  Not happening. 


  1. No pictures=sad daughter! ^^

  2. Sounds like you have a lot to do at the moment. Looking forward to your yoga outfit. Good luck with the website and promoting your business.

  3. I'm with Alex. No pictures=sad reader! LOL!

    It's good that paying work is what's keeping you busy. Good luck with the website.

  4. "Match my face after exertion" what a laugh I had. But I love yoga pants and emma's rayon jersey is buttah. Look forward to seeing them!

  5. Yeah I totally understand! I don't even blog about my garden but it takes up so much time! Case in point: yesterday was my day off, and I had a list of things to do as long as my arm, and the only thing I didn't get done was the sewing. *sigh* Maybe if my GP weren't so incompetent that it took me four separate trips down the road to pick up my prescription refill, I might've gotten a few stitches in.... :(

  6. I rather like the top on you - both the fit and color. And it is pretty ideal for a yoga class.