Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bits and Pieces and the January Burda

The January Burda arrived in my mailbox yesterday and wow, this is the best issue in years! Even with the Carnival section taking up space  I marked 11, count them 11, patterns to sew!  It must be a record.  I, who never gravitate to vintage, love the retro section.  The plus size section is also fabulous without any of the shapeless crap they've been showing lately.  Really elegant with good fitting lines, which are so important to those of us with larger busts and bodies.  I fall between  regular sizing and plus so if the plus tops start at a 44 it's not too hard for me to cut down the upper body and on the bottom I am between a 46 and 48, so that's pretty good.  I am so excited.  Burda gives me few surprises in fitting, so I prefer sewing them to the big 4.
I have been busy making plans for 6 piece capsules wardrobes  and these fit right in.
Here are my choices.

I have a black and white wool  houndstooth for this. Can't you just see it with those shaped shoulder yokes  on the bias?

Not sure of fabric for this one. But i love the lines of this.  I can't say that I love Burda's fabric choices though.
I like this blouse, but the little print is certainly not me!
I have some gorgeous coating in my stash that would work for this one, but I doubt I'll get to it this year.   It's so hard to find coats that are a little different and this one fits the bill.
Here's the technical drawing for it.

Love the lines of this pencil skirt with the small godet at the hem.  Very nice.

Shorter this is perfect for some light weight sweater knits I have.  I know that there are a lot of these patterns out there and I own several of them, but I like this one the best.

I love the lines on this.  Unlike other similar patterns, it doesn't have bulk under the arm.  The neckline is good on me.  Just not in pink.
 Now for the plus sizes.  I know, this is a spanx kind of dress, but I love the lines of it and again, really good neckline for me. Here it is in a sleeveless top version of it.  If you make this one, make sure you raise the underarm which should be higher without sleeves and I doubt that Burda made that change.
Great pants.  I'll use my tnt pattern to make these work for me.
 I like this jacket too. I need some jackets that aren't 'suit' jackets and this  would make a good spring jacket to throw over pants or a skirt.

That's it.  A lot to sew, but I am excited by all of these.  They really fit my lifestyle and that's what I sew.  

I finished Alex's pants but never had time to get pictures.  When they get to Austin E. will take some pictures for me to post.  

I do have a long term project for Alex.  A wedding dress!  They are not 'officially' engaged yet and there is no date so I have plenty of time to get it done.  We did  pick a dress already though,  a Vogue pattern and she likes it as is, so no design changes.  I will make a muslin and fly her in for a fitting.  She says that she always pictured me making her wedding dress, which is really sweet.  Meanwhile she is meeting the in-laws. Her future mil took her shopping yesterday at Disney, so not Alex.   Anyway, she (mil) picked up a tiara in a shop and said won't this look wonderful with a veil?  Alex's comment was a succinct no.  Three times.  There will be no veil, and Alex in a tiara?  Not happening.  Ah well she will have to work it out. 

Back to sewing for me, my favorite person to sew for of course.  I  worked out the changes to that Burda coat pattern with help from Claire Kennedy's tutorial.  I left in the side seam and the front point, but her instructions were invaluable.  I'll need to sew it with my own instructions because the coat is made of loden, which doesn't ravel so they've lapped seams and it's only lined to the band.   I plan on using a button for mine with a bound buttonhole and putting in the front zipper as well as the sleeve zips, which Claire left out.  I am currently debating whether to make the sleeves out of that leather that Seth so nicely unpicked for me.  

Who's for leather sleeves?
Wool?  I will be interlining the whole thing in lambswool interlining for warmth.

Have a wonderful holiday.



  1. OMG, a wedding! Cinderella's castle perhaps? ;)

    Mazel tov, regardless.

  2. Thank you. If his mother had her choice it would be that, but no, that's not Alex. Thank goodness!

  3. I got my Burda mag yesterday, too and I was also pleasantly surprised with the Plus patterns - they have such flattering lines. And congrats on the not-yet-official nuptials. Hope mil doesn't read your blog! I wonder who wears a tiara anymore? lol

  4. You're lucky to fall between the two size ranges. You have the entire magazine from which to choose! Now, if I could loose about 1,000,000 pounds!

  5. This is the best in several months. There is a blouse and dress (same pattern) that I will be using some of my China silk on.

    Am excited for wedding sewing!! What does 'officially' mean anyway? I always figured once two people say they are getting married, they are engaged. Ring / date are all ancillary I think :)

  6. What exciting news! Congratulations to Alex and to you for being asked to do her gown. That is really special.

    I let my Burda sub go this year. I will see if I can pick up just this issue from Amazon. It sure looks worth it. I think I could pull off the skirt with the godet, the pants, and that coat, but I would add a belt to the coat. I need all of those items and thanks for the heads up.


  7. Around the World Magazines carries Burda and will mail order it and Fashionista fabrics carries it as well for mail order by single issue

  8. How exciting and special to make your daughter's dress!

    Yes, this Burda was great! i LOVE the skirt and dress you picked out.

  9. I'll have to go back and give my Jan Burda another look. I do like the plus size stuff and who knows, after the holidays I'll probably fit into them! Love the Disney story, congratulations to your daughter and I'm looking forward to following along as you make her dress.

  10. This Burda does look like it's worth buying. Did they go back to more pattern pages or is everything still squished up on one page?

  11. Wow, some great choices here, Nancy. Paron's Annex has some blouseweight animal prints (like python) that would work for the tops. Love to see where the coat is heading...

  12. I also LOVE this Burda issue.

    YES!!!!! I want to follow the wedding dress. How much fun will this be?

  13. Congratulations to Alex and so nice to be asked to make the weddingdress. But first some sewing for yourself!
    I haven't seen Burda January yet, but looks like a good issue again. You picked some nice patterns.

  14. Great family news! And Jan Burda does look great. Lots is there that I would wear too.

  15. I agree, this issue of Burda has lots of attractive clothes.

    It'll be fun to watch you sew a wedding dress, especially since I think it will be a sophisticated dress rather than some sort of meringue number a la pink fairy-ballerina-princesses! (Nothing against foofoo of course, I do have two daughter age three and six.)

  16. Mom, I don't think you've had such a giddy post in awhile! Win for Burda!

  17. Congratulations on the honor of being able to makes your daughters wedding dress. I can't wait to see it on her!!! And a tiara on Alex, Never! Maybe flowers in her hair but not a tiara.

  18. Alex didn't want to be a princess at 3 and most certainly not at 24. The closest she ever came to frills on a dress was a gorgeous French smocked dress when she was 4.

  19. Yes, this issue of Burda has much better offerings than the previous 3 or 4 issues. I was beginning to wonder, but there are definitely some nice wearable pieces.

  20. Nancy,

    What type of fabric do you plan to make the Burda coat à la Claire Kennedy out of?

    I would like to make this coat too. I like your changes, keep the side seams, keep the zippers for a little more edginess. I live in a cold winter climate but a shorter coat.

  21. Nancy,

    Where did you find the lambswool interlining? thank you.