Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring has Sprung

But you'd never know it from the fabrics I've been buying or pulling out of my stash. 
It's not that I don't like color, I just don't love wearing it.Since I've let my hair go white I have been limiting the colors I wear. I like gray and black on me, so that's what I've been buying.  I will add some color accents to all of this black, gray, ivory and white with scarves until it gets too hot to wear them. I also bought a pair of cobalt blue sandals.  There are  some pieces from last season, like a cobalt blue cardigan that will look good with these non colors. 

These are my knit choices including a cotton double knit(top right) from Diane von Furstenberg that will be a motorcycle jacket for spring. It is the only piece of fabric that I've bought from Sawyer Brook. Unlined, but basically like my leather jacket. I'll add back in some ease in the sleeve cap. 

The snake print left side, second down, is the newest addition to the collection and I've got enough for a top and a dress. I love textured or layered knits and I've got two of those, third down on the left and third down on the right, both from Marcy Tilton.  I've been finding more and more fabrics that I love on her website lately. She has lots of blacks and grays and other 'non' colors that I like.  Third down is a layered knit that looks almost hand dyed with cuts that show the black underlayer. Under that is a rayon knit print with a touch of cobalt blue. There's another knit from Marcy third down on the right. It's another gray and black textured, layered knit from Marcy. Below that is another animal print in rayon and lycra.

For pants and jackets I have, starting on the top left  a Zegna black linen from a Michael's half price sale. I've got about 5 yards of this. 
Next down  is a pale gray Donna Karan stretch linen, below that is an  Armani black and gray small checked rayon lycra blend from a Fabric Mart sale.  A piece of that Marc Jacob's denim is on the bottom.  On the right is the black cotton double knit and a rayon acetate crepe with a  raised stripe from Manhattan Fabrics recent sale. Next is a black and teal cotton snake print from Metro Textiles and last is black cotton and lycra sateen, also from Metro.

Last up are some of my blouse choices. From the top down, white linen, a gray cotton shirting with a fine metallic stripe from a visit to Waechter's three summers ago. Next is a cotton print from Emmaonesock also a few years old. I told you I'd been planning to make blouses for awhile! Below that is a black and white stretch silk from Mood.  The bottom two are from emmaonesock, a  gold layered over gray linen and a black and white cotton shirting.  That last one is Hugo Boss and it's presently on Elliot Berman's website for half price.  Where by the way I picked up 4 yards of a French cotton voile for Marcy Tilton's new dress for Vogue,

What other patterns will I use?  I have tnt patterns for pants and jeans now so I'll use those and this  'sleeveless blazer', Burda 111 4/13.

  For one blouse I'll use Katherine Tiltons portrait collar blouse V8834

For the striped knit I like this one by Katherine Tilton as well V8710

That's it for now.  I have lots of sewing ahead, hopefully my sewing mojo won't let me down!


  1. It's timely that you should post this now. I was just looking through my rather modest stash. It is full of goofy colours and prints. I cannot imagine making anything chic or lovely out of any of it. I love colour, but like you, I don't always look my best wearing it! I am aspiring to take a page out of your book and start buying neutrals that suit me, so that I will always have something to sew and something to wear. I'd love to have your stash!

  2. I stopped impulse buying fabrics just because I fall in love. If it doesn't fit my lifestyle or what I will really wear, I don't buy them.

  3. I love your pattern picks. Can't wait to see what you make.

  4. Great choices for your colouring. Black, grey and white look so classy but unfortunately they just do not suit me. I need warmth. Being knits too they will all be so comfortable.

  5. Great choices and they are so versatile. You will surely get lots of wear from these and they will such fun to colorize with accessories.

  6. What a beautiful collection. So glad I'm not the only one constantly buying these "non" colors. So looking forward to your creations.

  7. I think that the non colors with a shot of bright clear colors always look wonderful on my friends with white hair...bright red, turquoise, bright blue.Too much grey can look a bit severe...and I speak as someone who thinks of grey as her happy color.

  8. I happent to agree wth neighbor has been "all white" for some time and I cannot get her to wear black at all (she says it's not a color). She says that because she thinks I need to wear more color lke her! She loves color, so I guess it's your individual taste. I happent to think she looks really good in here colorful wardrobe and wish I had more photos of here to share with you. The only ones I have are here on my post but these are not her usual bright colors. If you would like to try color, start with something more muted and not so bright or pastel like a dark lavendar or olve and navy. It might start to grow on you! :) T see some photos of my neighbor, take a peek at my blog post....

  9. I see a few fabrics that I'd like to have and I love the sleeveless blaze. Tres chic. I think you can wear color. Have you considered having your colors done? I was surprised by my analysis. Plus it's fun. ;-)