Friday, May 10, 2013

New Patterns

The recent BMV sale was a boon to my pattern stash, or a glut, depending on how you look at it.
I was really surprised that Vogue managed to get it's sold out Marcy Tilton and Sandra Betzina patterns back in stock for the next sale.  This is what I picked up.

I cannot wear this as fitted as this, but Marcy wrote a blog post on the dress and suggested adding ease so that it  just skims the body.  I also will add sheer sleeves to this I think. Sleeves at any rate.

I like the lines of this coat.  I do think that I may play with it a bit.  It's a bit too long for me I think and I don't know if I like the side slits.  It calls for yards of double seam binding which I don't love. I do  love to sew  a Hong Kong finish on seams so I'll do that instead.  Kenneth King, in his new Craftsy class shows a very nifty way to make lots of yards of bias  strips easily.  I just can't find the right fabric for this. I want it in a color that will go with my neutrals. At first I sent for lots of metallic linens, but they seem too much for daytime.  Maybe if I can find the right yellow.  Royal blue, or a marine or light navy  is another options  Question, for those of you who saw this coat in person at PR weekend.  Did she say why she used bias sleeves?  It would save a lot of fabric to change them to straight grain.  

I've never been into crazy pants, but these look really wearable.  I have a lot of yardage of black rayon lycra knit that I bought at Metro a few years ago for a nightgown and robe I never made. It's light weight but these should be roomy enough for it at least for a muslin.  
The other dress bottom in this pattern is the one they chose to make up and it's god awful.  But this one is perfect for a summer linen dress. I've got some acid green linen that would work perfectly for this.  Yes, readers a color!  I bought it at Waechter's in Asheville about 3 summers ago. Time for  me to use it.  

Finally, my first acquisition of Style Arc patterns is here.  I bought the Marita dress for some snake print jersey in my stash.  Yes, now  have two snake prints.  Not the cotton lycra one I showed last time, but a rayon lycra from a sale at Fabric Mart. When?  Long enough ago to not remember I had it when I bought the cotton piece.  It's a different color way at least.

Did you know that instead of telling you what kind of fabric to use that they include a sample fabric?  Great for beginners who don't know fabrics yet.  This is supposed to take 1 hour.  We'll see.  I also got a grading from them which will be helpful in enlarging the hip area. I also bought a blouse and got the free April blouse as well.  I like this month's freeby but I really need to wait until I make this up before I buy any more.  Burda was abysmal this month, so nothing gained there. At least I've got these lovely new Vogues to sew.

That's it for now. Hopefully the next post will actually have sewn by me clothing. 
Have a great weekend.


  1. I can see you in all those patterns, look forward to seeing your versions. I recently ordered some Style arcs too, I thought the swatch thing was very cute and unique, I have that Marita pattern too and I bet it takess me longer than an hour!

  2. Style Arc patterns are something I've looked into but haven't taken the plunge yet. I love the idea that they send a swatch. I may have to make a few of their patterns my summer time splurge. And I ordered quite a few from the Vogue sale recently. I was impressed with the normal, wearable patterns they put out this time, after a few years of almost all duds.

  3. Great choices. I'm not a fan of bias sleeves on tailored garments. I don't like the way they hang and "drip". I think that is evident in the pattern photo but that's just my taste. I remember the article in Threads on bias sleeves. It brought lots of comment on how awful they looked. My exception would be a billowy chiffon full sleeve. Something like that, very Lauren Bacall, would be wonderful on the bias. Tailored, not so much, IMO.

    1. I once made a silk charmeuse lining in a jacket with bias sleeves because of some article in Threads. I took them up twice so that they wouldn't show. I think that I will be making these on the straight grain. Shortening the coat and changing the grainline should shave off quite a bit of fabric.

  4. I sewed the Marita dress in 1 hour. A little bit more time I used to understand the pattern. It's a nice little dress.

  5. The marita dress is truely a breeze to put together, I did it as an 'in between project' in an evening. Whilst enjoying a nice wine. Too easy. And with great results. Enjoy!

  6. Adding sleeves to Marcy's dress is a super idea - hope you make this one up first!

  7. Nancy- I check every week to see if you've posted but, alas, no blog entry. Hope you are okay and are just busy enjoying your precious grandson. Just wanted you to know I miss your posts.