Saturday, August 29, 2009

Finally, a Plan I Can Be Excited About

I've been doing a little sewing and a lot of drawing and planning work on my Wardrobe for the Pattern Review Contest. For anybody who is interested in participating, go to Pattern Review, message board and click on pinned topics and you'll find the discussion for the contest.

It has been hot and muggy here and I've been washing and wearing my Tom and Linda Platt dress. A lot. So, I figured that I should make another one. I had this great animal print rayon knit that I bought to make a top, but the scale is just too large. It does however, really work as a dress and it will be a great transition piece for fall with black tights and my black leather jacket and later with my gray sweater jacket.

Wardrobe planning:
I am going with the black boucle motorcycle jacket. I love the fabric and the pattern, with a little reworking, will be the perfect knock off for the Oscar de la Renta jacket that inspired me. This is really a true black, but the limits of photographing it make it look gray.

That's the Oscar de la Renta jacket out of a black plaid boucle that's a dead ringer for my fabric, which is Oscar de la Renta bought from Fine Fabrics last winter. The pattern is Burda 128 10/08. The collar caught my eye. The zipper on the Oscar jacket is backwards? it seems, but I don't thing that I 'll change that on the pattern, it's easier to leave it as is. It's meant as an outer wear jacket so it may have a bit too much ease for what I want, so a muslin is in order for this one.
The next change was to use a silk charmeuse print with all the colors in my wardrobe, which is what I didn't have in the first plan. I bought it at Metro Textiles on Pattern Review day last fall. I have fabrics in all the colors. It has the kind of acid, apple green that I love, and white, gray and black. It's a lot more vibrant in real life.

I'll make it up in Burda 119 10/08

This piece of rayon knit is the same green.

I am going to use it to make a long sleeved version of my newest twist front top from Burda 134 7/07

Next is a white blouse, inspired by this great Donna Karan wrap blouse, using this Burda wrap blouse. 137 12/06 in cotton lycra from Paron annex from PR day. The collar and the wrap need some changing, but not a lot.

This Burda 126 12/08 will be made up in a silver rayon knit.

The fifth top will be a white rayon long sleeve scoop neck t. A variation on my tnt, V8151

The bottoms will be 3 pairs of pants.
Black denim trousers Burda 118 4/09. Gray wool and silk wide leg trousers, possibly HP's Razer

Gray denim jeans M5894 I ordered the denim from Marcy Tilton.

Black leather skirt Burda 133 9/09. I need the leather for this one.

I didn't put up the black, white and gray fabrics because, well they're just as easy to imagine as photograph.
That's my new plan and I am actually excited about it. The leather skirt gives it an edgier feel and I'll wear this. It works with pieces in my existing wardrobe, and I can continue with a secondary plan that will also work with the bottoms.

I will make the sweater coat as originally planned; a burgandy HP Three graces t and a pair of houndstooth black and cream wool pants and a dressy pair of black wool pants to expand on the wardrobe. The pieces also work with my gray sweater jacket. A couple more knit tops with fabric I have will also work in a more limited plan.
I need to get all my patterns worked out over the next few days and be ready to cut out near the start date of September 1.


  1. I'll copy your plan. Just kidding of course, but I really could, love your choices. The green in the fabric adds pizzaz to the color scheme. Great plan.

  2. I love these choices and the patterns and the fabrics. Now I think you'll have more fun making and wearing these.

  3. I agree with Sigrid. A plan to copy! I love all of your choices!

  4. I'm so glad that you've come up with a plan you really want to sew! I also love your plan, edgy & funky yet sewn from classic fabrics and colors! Very, very kewl!

  5. Cool that you found something that really appeals to you. Actually, it really appeals to me to! it's so sofisticated, and yet very modern. Love to see how the jacket turns out!

  6. You are not the only one excited about this plan :-)

    I will watch with anticipation - I havea lovely piece of silk tweed that wants to be a biker jacket, probably next winter!

  7. Great plan. I'm looking forward to seeing them come to life. The jacket styling is perfect.

  8. I love that green - it's what I call nile green - it will be gorgeous. Love your patterns! Can't wait to see them on your bod!

  9. Nice selection, I especially like the gold and black!!

  10. Umm, how much do I love that Burda pattern? How did I not notice it before? I love your wardrobe plan. I so admire you for being able to stick it out and make them.

  11. That remains to be seen, Cidell! I know that I have to be very focused and scheduled to get it all done. Three months is not that long, but it is doable.