Friday, August 7, 2009

Worth a try

The buttonholer fits, but it doesn't sit tight onto the machine bed. So, no good. I think I'll put it away and look for an older Singer to use for a buttonhole machine. This is a Professional Buttonholer V102878 for a vertical needle zig zag sewing machine. Anybody have suggestions on what older Singer that would work with this buttonholer? It would also be nice if it made great straight stitches!


  1. If it fits a slant, it will fit the 400's, the 500's, and 600's. I have a 401, 403, 503, and 603 that I move attachments from one to the other on. You may have an easier time looking for a 403, 401's can be hard to come by because people love them so much.

  2. Nancy, I bought a vintage Singer 15-91 a little more than a week ago off eBay but it hasn't arrived yet. I bought it exactly for this purpose but I have a feeling I'll be using it a lot for straight stitching as well. I'm not sure if it will fit your type of buttonholer but if you go to
    she has a lot of information on vintage machines and accessories. I'll post on my new machine as soon as it gets here :))
    Perfect buttonholes would be amazing wouldn't it?

  3. Are you sure this b'holer is for a slant shank? If so, it would not fit on your Viking no matter what.

    What do you mean that it doesn't sit on the machine bed?

    Would you take a pic of your presser bar w/o any attachments on it?

  4. I'll put in a plug for a slant needle Singer Touch n' Sew 648. That's the machine I have mine attached to an it's a match made in heaven. They're cute little things too, only 14 inches wide and the base is only 18 inches wide. You will need the elevator throat plate though.

  5. Debbie, I have a Professiona Buttonholer for a vertical needle zig zag sewing machine. The issue is, I think, that my presser foot bar isn't long enough to bring the bottom of the buttonholer into contact with the bed of my machine. It is maybe 1/4" above it when the bar is lowered.