Thursday, August 6, 2009

My New Old Buttonholer

There has been much written lately on the blolgosphere lately about what great buttonholes the old Singer buttonholer makes. So when Nancy2001 posed the question on PR, can this be used on a newer machine, specifically her Viking 770 I perked up. I hate the buttonholes on my Viking Platinum 750. It will make 2 and then get caught up and I have to rip a buttonhole out. Not fun. I bought this Singer Professional Buttonholer V102878 on E bay for $4.95 plus shipping. You'll notice the files next to my machine. My wonderful husband filed out the claw that fits over the needle clamp, that and a little prying and it fit. He only had to file out about a 1/16 of an inch, but he thinks it's made of hardened steel so this was not all that quick. Now I have to make buttonholes! Stay tuned.

What else have I been doing? Reorganizing my fabric collection. I have it all on a spread sheet with the bin numbers after every fabric, but when it comes to finding things on that list and what bin it's in, well, not so quick. Putting fabrics back? Really not quick. So I decided to put like fabrics together and use my new Brother labeler to print out nice, neat labels for my fabric types.
Here's whats left of the mess:

Here's what my fabric closet looks like now. See all my pretty labels? Now to get the rest of my sewing room and studio to look like this.

Next up is a review of Hot Patterns 1031 the Riviera Boulevard Cardigan Jacket. Probably tomorrow.


  1. Nancy I have that buttonholer left over from the machine I had in college! It does not work on any of my newer machines but I got a machine from my sister that she got from my aunt that she got get the picture. It's an old Montgomery Ward machine and it works just fine. A friend uses one on an old Kenmore. When I tried using it on new machines it worked but the buttonholes looked crappy. My friend and I determined that this buttonholer was made for machines without a built-in one step buttonholer. It's certainly worth keeping though and finding a machine that it will work on.

  2. I never thought about using my old singer buttonholer on my Pfaff. I'll have to try it.

  3. It's interesting that there is such a resurgence in the old buttonholers. Now I think I'm missing out on something. My Bernina makes nice buttonholes, so I haven't thought of finding an alternative. Still--when people start getting interested in something, I think I must have it also!

  4. I love my Ptouch labeler. Isn't it great how they motivate you to organize. I have done the book inventory thing and it just doesn't last. One good sewing blitz and the need to search out just the right fabric and it's shot. Having those fabric inventories can lull us into a sense of organization but if a bunch of fabric is in a glorious pile on the cutting table, what's the point? I label so much with the little labler and find it really helps me stay organized. I even labeled all the circuit breakers in our electricl box. I know, a tad anal...

  5. looking for a manual for the singer professional buttonholer V 102878.