Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How To Change My Wardrobe Plan so that I am Excited!

There is no way that I will finish this wardrobe if I am not excited by it. So, back to the drawing board. Shannon and Alex both said that it had to start with something that really needs to be made, that screams at me 'Make Me!' Alex is right, I really want to make that motorcycle jacket, so I am going to make it my piece that has to be made and work around it. I love the fabric and I have a cool silk print for the lining. So, there's my starting point. It is mentally exhausting to get it planned, but if it isn't really set before I start I know from past experience, that it will only be ok, not great. Of course, I may change my mind about the thing that has to be made if I can't come up with a wardrobe that works well with it.
Kiltsnquilts asked me if I took photos of myself for my croquis, which I did. I dressed in tights and a tank top for my croquis and took photos of several poses. Then I traced over it and scanned it into my computer. I printed out a couple of the different poses in several sizes and I use it under tracing paper. I have the bust point, knees, and waist marked for reference points. Being trained as an artist has made me think with a pencil as an extension of my brain. It keeps my brain from spinning! I think that I may make separate drawings of tops and bottoms and the topper so that I can layer them and see how it all fits together. Kind of like paper dolls. I loved making paper dolls when I was a kid. Hmm. Maybe I'll just make a paper doll of myself and make all the clothes with tabs so that I have my very own paper doll and clothes.
I can paste a copy of me onto heavier stock. Getting a bit carried away here!


  1. I agree Nancy. The fabric and project has to be exciting or the passion is dead! Your process sounds thorough and professional.And.... I LOVED paper dolls as a child.......

  2. Lucky you to have been trained as an artist! The one thing I really want to learn is fashion drawing. Sounds like you are getting it all togeher.

  3. But Nancy having also done two of these contests can I tell you that you have to leave some room for changing your mind. A piece of fabric may show up or a great new pattern that would work well with your collection or lifestyle and you have to leave yourself open to that!

    But you are absolutely right that if you don't love it, you won't complete it! From my last swap I only ended up with one piece that wasn't worn much...9 out of 10 pieces aren't bad but I labored over that collection!

    Good luck, it looks as if you have a good start!

  4. I love your croquis. Might need to make one for me. Good luck with the contest!

  5. One of my little girl made herself cut out princesses to play with last week. Not quite the same but it was adorable.

  6. I'm glad you picked the motorcyle jakcet as the starting point, I would have done the same thing. I can't wait to see it!

  7. The motorcycle jacket will be a good start. Looking forward to your wardrobe. As always I'm tempted to join this specific contest, but know I'm not going to make it. Good luck planning and sewing.
    And I love the croquius.

  8. Nancy,
    Is this contest on Pattern Review? How come I'm not seeing it there?
    Yours (separated at birth) Anna Bananaoil